Saule, quote and shallow irony

Saule, quote and shallow irony

New State Gallery Stuttgart by James Stirling (1984). Image: Jaimrsilva / CC-BY-4.0

The postmodern in architecture is done! Or does she still have something to offer?

It was obviously overall. At the latest at the end of the 1970s, the classic modernity was considered desavouted, at least as a completely unmodern. They had enough of their cold rationality, their dogmatism, but above all from their ever-like bayshellers. Every school, Tom Wolfe screamed in his essay "From Bauhaus to Our House" look like a "Spare parts warehouse" and every summer house like one "Insecticide refinery".


Military offensive in slavjansk does not progress

Government has discovered that the spatuses are in an inhabited city, references to the fact that the right sector is massive in Eastern Ukraine

Yesterday afternoon, the commander of the Ukrainian National Guard Stepan Poltorak proudly reported that the soldiers of the National Guard "Almost Slavjansk enchanted by the terrorists" had. There were no dead or injured under the soldiers, from the "Terrorist", Thus the conventional language regulation of the Ukrainian government, which argues as the Yanukovich regime against the Maidan movement, are many "professionally trained". The performance of the National Guard speak for their fight readiness.

That seems more wishful thinking as reality. Although the Ukrainian combined Slavjansk seems to be trapped and partially printed on the outskirts. However, the center is still in the hands of the trafficers who continue to be supported by parts of the population. In the morning, unarmed civilians had once again formed a chain to stop the tanks. Two soldiers were killed, even under the upturns it should have given dead.


“The german economy benefits from the occupation”

The Karlsruhe Lawyer Brigitte Kiechle over economic interests in Germany in Iraq

The Karlsruhe Lawyer Brigitte Kiechle has been dealing with Iraq for years of human rights perspective. Already during the Saddam regime, she defended escape, which often sought asylum in Germany. In several beers, she has been critical of the domestic development of Iraq in recent years and always pronounced against the wrong alternative SADDAM regime or US occupation in her eyes.

Also in their youngest book The war-company Iraq is on political aspects, which usually fall under the table in the current discussion about Iraq. During commonly, the focus of the reporting on the interests of the US and its composites is addressed in the region, Kiechle in the book also deals with the current economic interests in Germany in Iraq.


Nsk – state in time

The virtual messages of the new Slovenian art

NSK - state in time

Embassy sign of the electronic NSK Embassy

The group of Irwin the artist group NSK, new Slovenian art, began developing a separate retroavantgarde state concept in the early 1990s. The NSK Embassy Moscow was the first project in 1992 to test the real and theoretical conditions for artists who create a reference system for communication by establishing a new infrastructure in a politically controlled environment.


General suspicion against a precise examination of individual cases

Union politicians react aroused to the opinion of the EU Commission on the award of social benefits to immigrants

A precise examination of "Individual" calls on the EU Commission to award social benefits to immigrants. The social courts and conditional authorities should look closely. The Commission’s opinion on an attached procedure of the European Court of Justice, according to SZ, requires concrete, EU law according to SZ "to interpret that there is a regulation of a member state like the in the…) SGB II opposes". Even an EU burger without work thire – after a three-month stay – "not under all circumstances and automatically" be excluded from social benefits.

The conflict to which the EU Commission indicates, is therefore in different scope for the interpretation that the Union law against the German Social Code. preserved. However, there are already different directives in the context of the European legal capacity: European law is in the demonstration of the sovereignty of domestic regulations in the member states to the principle of equal treatment of EU burger "unambiguous", like a report of the FAZ of 2. January:


Bavarian government has allegedly no files to corona decisions

Bavarian government has allegedly no files to Corona decisions

The Bavarian State Government taking place by Minister Prosident Dr. Markus Soder on 16. Marz calls the disaster of Bavaria due to the Corona Pandemic now. Screenshot from the Youtube video of the Bavarian government

Theoretical search search for files in the state administration over "corona" in Bavaria

Several times I have in Bavarian Rundfunk a desperate of the Ministry of Health, who in terms of the health ministry "corona" intended for generally accessible scientific opinions on the Internet, which for the further procedure as a basis for decision-making "Epidemics" should have served, and that there is no file "corona" would give. The Minister of Health Melanie Huml has become so umvested and criticism. It was based on the management reports and associations of the Robert Koch Institute as well as the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety.


South africa: “fall” want to abolish natural sciences

Movement sees farewell as a prerequisite for decolonization

In SudaFrika, a movement is currently attentive, calling for the natural sciences of the "Decolonization" be completely abolished. These, such a false participant in a discussion at the Universitat Cape Town, are "as a whole a product of western modernity" and therefore had to "scratched" and through "whole new understanding of the environment and our understanding of it" be replaced.

South Africa:'fallisten' wollen naturwissenschaften abschaffen

Fallist talks at the Universitat Cape Town over Witches, which hit lightning. Screenshot: TP


Mission to titanium

The supposed Hollish Trabant ware of the ESA state probe Huygens a picture book departing and a dream landing – the first pictures show a foreign world, on the water ice exists and have hydrocarbons that say that

She pushed the trust "titanic" Curtain to the side and put a perfect landing, switched fliby bit and bytes: total about 11 MB. The ESA landing ride Huygens surprised everyone, she sparked nearly four hours of scientific data about the earth. More than 350 pictures are available so far, of which the first funf has now been published. On them a stranger present, partly marshahnliche world. Today, as part of a coarse press conference, the first tangible results were presented at the ESOC in Darmstadt (see also Huygens Countdown: The Day After.

Huygens took this photo immediately in front of the touchdown. To see are stones or ice bloc. The structures have a coarse between 4 and 15 centimeters. The surface is a bit darker than expected. Goods This image in a red color, was smooth "Mars" tap. Image: ESA / NASA / University of Arizona


Us intelligence services have become leaker services

US intelligence services have become leaker services


According to the British government, Donald Trump condemns its own intelligence services

So far, the leaks from the secret services and security authorities in the US have tried to harm the Trump government. Certainly, with the transmission of the photos of the British police from the crime scene of the suicide attack in Manchester, the arch. The police submit the transmission of further information to the US resists, which has long been the custom not only in anti-rulb fighting to have better insights through sharing information (British government is craving for Leaks over US resist).


Rightseeing type for right-wing extremists

Rightseeing Type for right-wing extremists

The extreme rights uses smaller social media platforms stronger for their political purposes. A new study examines the phanomena

On alternative platforms, extremely rights users will find a digital jerking resort to cross and radicalize unsteady. To this result comes a study entitled "The online okosystem right-wing extremist actors", which was published by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) from London (collapse in German). For the investigation, the research team has systematically analyzed ten platforms of Internet communities used in Germany, including the Russian Social Networks VK, the microblogging service, the Gaming app Discord, the Internet Forum 4chan and the Messenger Telegram. The study thus focuses existing examinations focusing on Hate Speech at Gross platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The data of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue indicates that right-wing extreme topics are highly represented on alternative platforms. Thus, in the ten online services, a total of 379 right-wing populist and extremely right channels were identified. The content focuses on these channels on the subject of migration as well as on infants against left political opponents. The large range obviously has groups from the environment of the identile movement, which are classified as clearly right-wing extremist from the Federal Office for Future Protection. On the pictureboard 4chan, however, anti-Semitic exercises are widespread. There, more than half of all posts represented by Jews anti-Semitic positions.