5G: huawei has now lost the moon?

5g: Huawei has now lost the moon?

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Nokia’s net should build on the ground trabant itself

15 years ago, Our Site joked to 1. April still "About planning Vodafone and China Mobile for the stationing of a mobile radio station on the moon (cf. Race for MMS from the moon) — now the Finnish Nokia Group has actually been announced that the American space workers NASA has $ 14.1 million to build a mobile communications network on the 380.000 kilometers away from the earth’s trabants has donated.

Artemis program

For the money Nokia promises one in his Bell Labs "Extremely compact product solution", which build up to the moon itself after a transport recorded with the help of the Texan company intuitive machines and also "Under extreme space conditions work" target.

By the end of 2022, she should provide parts of the moon with LTE — ie 4g — then one wants one "Space applications of LTE succession technology 5g". To this "Space applications" In addition to the communication and transfer of image data, the control of Rover vehicles from the moon and the earth (cf. Nokia wants to develop LTE technology for the moon).

The 14.1 million dollars for Nokia are not the only money that the NASA has been distributed in recent: As part of her artemis program designated under Greek Moongottine, $ 370 million was used for various companies. They should contribute that 2024 again US astronauts land on the moon. Unlike the previous (and named after the Greek light god), 13 Apollo missions should be done in the near the Moon Sudpol, because there is a lot of water ice. From this water ice cream is slightly water, which in turn facilitates the construction of a permanently occupied moon base, which floats the Americans until the end of the 2020s.

Political component

Of course, this is not possible to do so for a sum, for which there are not even two thirds of a chancellor’s residance structure in Germany (cf. Chancellery: Government Plant Tebartz-Van-Elst cultivation): Until the first transport of astronauts with the currently tested new superchlaid rackets SLS, NASA expects $ 28 billion. 16 Of this, the NASA Administrator James Bridstine for a lunar country race are planned, for whose construction has advertised Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk with his company Space X.

The large risks for the project are Bridstine according to "political". Thus, the Republicans ames that the Democrats have been in John F. Kennedy significantly at enthusiasm for exploring the new "Frontier" lost (cf. "Houston, we have a problem!"To). Barack Obama, despite high pre-investments, said the plan for a manned flight to Mars.

The decision that Nokia is to build the 5G network on the moon has a political component. After the failure of a project of Vodafone and the Berlin company PTSciestists, especially Ericcson and Huawei were eligible for this purpose.

Chinese moon program

But Huawei is already accused of Washington since Barack Obama’s second term of office to act as a potential spy expert for the People’s Republic of China. The American foreign intelligence CIA spoke in this context of one "strengthen" Suspected that Huawei’s money from the Chinese People’s liberal liberate, in which the company primary Ren Zhengfei served (cf. Huawei loud CIA financed by Chinese government). Complaints of the Chinese company against this classification remained so far without result.

Instead, American state authorization detected a cascade of sanctions, which managed that numerous other states of Huawei excluded from building their 5g networks (cf. 5G networks: British shut off Huawei) and that manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan no longer supplied components in which American intellectual rights are. On this challenge, Huawei will respond so far auber with investments in Chinese suppliers (cf. Huawei is looking for a way out of the patent lock) with an extension of the offer to products that do not fall under the sanction rules — for example, autocomponents, with which you soon could make the German middle class competition

Maybe Huawei has not lost the market on the moon but after the American decision for Nokia yet: because the Chinese have a mondicial customer. Last year, the People’s Republic succeeded in landing the first power on the back of the moon (cf. Moon landing: China resets probe on the earth’s trabor). By 2022, she wants to set up a permanently manned space station, which is supplied with tanzhou room millets. 2024 should then follow a penned moon flight, until 2050 one to Mars.

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