Iran wants to build more plants for reprocessing uranium

While one puts on prere by sanctions and threats, Iranian guided shows unimpressed and decreases the opposition

During US Prasident Obama trying to further dust political prere on Iran and promote stronger sanctions if the country does not give up uranium reprocessing, voices from the Pentagon played again the card of a possible attack. US Secretary of Defense Gates had criticized the unrecognizable Iran politics of the woman’s house in a document quoting the New York Times, but it was right back (link on None). Although Admiral Mullens declared that prere and diplomacy were in advance, but that the military option has been considered the last option, because so that the nuclear program could be delayed for a long time.

The Israeli Defense Minister of Defense Barak agreed to the first time for the time being, but at least said that Iran is no existential threat to Israel now. Therefore, he also pladding for more sanctions. If the Iran has nuclear weapons, then this in the region will exclude a rusts of the rust. The region is "important for the whole world", Therefore, you do not fall asleep.

Iranian lead was not very successful with the Nuclear Tickup (which, of course, not only in Iranian lead, but also in the young world looked different, whereupon in Iran proudly). For this you are looking for domestic capital from the threats to beat and gets military as strong that every attack will be beat. The effect of sanctions is downplayed, stressed provocatively continues the nuclear program. If you can not impress yourself, but suggests inside to strong the national unity. Since the prere of the outside and the smashing of the opposition in Iran requires each other, wonders whether the western politics is the right way in the long term (unwise collateral damage "Smarter sanctions" against Iran).

The Ministry of Interior has now forbidden two opposition parties: the participation front of the Islamic Iran (IIPF), the most important reform party supported Mohammad Khatami, and the organization of the Mudschahidin of the Islamic Revolution (IRMA), which supported the elections Mussawi. According to the party law, parties are unable to harm the country’s independence and the country’s interests does not harm. In addition, the reform-oriented newspaper Bahar was prohibited because they have in doubt the Prasidency elections and principles of the Islamic revolution. The three reformist politicians Mostafa Tajzadeh, Davood Soleimani and Mohsen Mirdamadi, who were arrested for the protests last year, for recovery and propaganda against the Iranian government has been fed by six years — and 10 years is no longer in political parties and in the media.

Yesterday, Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi, who is referred to as a high adviser to the Iranian President Ahmadenidschad, went to be approved for the construction of two other uranium reprocessing plants. The construction is started after the arrangement of the president. The decision has been made after there was no agreement because of uranium exchanges. Iran should exchange its low-enriched uranium against high enriched uranium, which comes from abroad, to avoid reprocessing in Iran. Iran requires warranties to immediately get the enriched uranium. Also with the already started enrichment (AhmadineSchad: "The time for nuclear weapons is over") Do not take a barter, but you use the uranium but for the research reactor.


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