The axis of the hanger

Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA

There are the axis of the boses, and there is another axis that breaks consistently international law. In addition, the states of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and above all the US. Maybe at first glance strange covenism, which is in one point. In all these countries, people will be executed, which have been under 18 years old at the time of action they made. And thus these states not only violate the UN Convention on the Rights of Children, but also against the International Agreement on Bourgeial and Political Rights.

In this agreement adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1966, it is clear:

"The death penalty may not be directed for punishable acts committed by adolescents under the age of 18 and not enforced in pregnant women."

Nevertheless, according to the Washington Death Penalty Information Center currently sitting 80 youthful mords in the death tracts of American fishing. The mostly majority of them is of dark skin color and in almost all traps were their victims.

And if not a miracle happens even at the last moment, then on 3. April Scott Hain in Oklahoma executed, although he was at the moment of action only 17 years old. National and international protests have not yet been able to move the governor to rethink. Even the note that Hain had been sexually abused as young people and have already consumed drugs together with his father’s drugs at the age of 12, the leaders have not convinced. The US Highest Court of Justice of the USA from Hains also rejected a treatment of the case in January of this year.

But Oklahoma is not the only federal state of the USA, in which young people are executed Morder. For example, the minimum age in the contestment of the death penalty in Arkansas and Virginia is 14 years and in Mississippi 13 years. Nevertheless, a survey in January has shown that although 64 percent of the US population are principally for a death penalty, but 69 percent reject the execution of young people.

For the time being, he is further tested by state because of the US. End Marz is in Texas of the 300. Gland since re-importation of the death penalty 20 years ago. And also in the US state of Illinois, where the divider Governor George H. Ryan has pardoned all death penalty lobes last January (empty death cells), only a few weeks later a death sentence has been pronounced. For this, the new governor Rod Blagojevich explained that he maintained the moratorium directed for executions, but there would be no further pastries. However, a law on the abolition of the death penalty has already been submitted,


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