The richest users can live healthy 19 years than the poor

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In the UK, there is not only a gap between arm and rich in other countries, the difference also drastically affects the expectation for a healthy life. Anyone who is born in the Armest areas of Greater Britain may have the views, up to 19 years less a healthy life drove to be the ones who are born in the richest areas.

The British Statistical Office has submitted the latest estimates of the years, the British at birth 2011-2013 in England can live healthy. These are geographically rich and poor districts (Lower Super Output Areas — Lsoa), so see how life expectancy and the prospect of a healthy life depending on the income ratios are in a district that were divided into deciles,. England was in almost 33.000 districts divided. 98 percent of the poor districts are located in the city. The poor districts are recorded after a multiple deprivational index with 38 categories (income, unemployment, health, training etc.To). Here are more than 5 million people, 38 percent or nearly 2 million are low-income.

The most important results. Manner in the poor decil of the districts can expect only 52.2 years to live in good health in good health, while the people in the richest districts can hope for an average of 70.5 years. The women are 52.4 and 71.3 years.

The life expectancy also differs significantly. It is for women from the armth districts by 6.9 years lower than those from the richest districts. And it still plays in that they also stay healthy a short share of their already more short life, either 66.2 percent, during the richest 82.9 percent of their lifetime. The life expectancy of the manner in the poor districts is a short time at 9 years, but they have a longest lifetime with 70.5 percent, in which they will live healthy, with the manners from the richest districts, the share amounts to 84.9 percent.

According to Eurostat, the average expectation of a healthy life in the Great Britain at birth 2012, so not only in England, for women at 64.5 years. For comparison: in Sweden and Norway, it is just over 70 years, in Germany only at 57.9 years, EU-wide at 62.1 years. Germany is located here at the level of Estonia, Netherlands or Romania. For men, the expectation in the United Kingdom is 64.6 years here, the EU average is 61.5 years. There are no rough differences in life expectancy. It lies with the British manners at 79.1 years (Germany: 78.6; EU-Wis: 77.5) and at women at 82.2 years (Germany: 83.3; EU-Fi-Fre: 83.1). At the German life, the British for about long, but long-good healthy. How this is, does not emerge from the numbers: lifestyle, diet, health system. According to a British long-term study, not only relative poverty tanges the lifetime, but also the non-observance of certain rules on healthy life performance (six years more long-term life expectancy through healthy lifestyle).

In any case, the estimates of the statistical estate show that people from the poor areas of England can not consistently expect to drove a long and healthy life. Half of men and 40 percent of women are already struck health if they come to retirement age — and per poor, the more.

The British Telegraph has in his article under the title "Worse than in Rwanda" point out that the gap of 19 years for the expectation of a healthy life reflects the difference between rich and developing. In Rwanda Liege for the total population the expectation of a healthy life at birth for manner at 55 years. These are almost 3 years more than England among the people who live in the most disadvantageous decil of the districts, D.H. There is also zones in England, which equal to the stand of developmental courses such as Botswana, Gambia or Djibouti.

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