Even e-cigarettes can cause lung cancer

Even e-cigarettes can cause lung cancer

Image: Michael Dorausch / CC BY-SA-2.0

While steaming seems to be less harmful to smoke, but it is probably no harmless alternative after examinations on mice and cell cultures

For a long time, there is suspected that e-cigarettes are less harm than normal cigarettes, but that they are not a harmless pleasure yet. Now American scientists have figured out that E-cigarettes that evaporate nicotine in liquids (liquid), as well as the inhalation of burnt tobacco cancer cancer. Then they could not be advertised more than a real alternative to normal cigarettes.

Unlike normal cigarettes produced by burning nitrosamines and other cancer-causing compounds, e-cigarettes were considered harmless because only nicotine is evaporated in relatively harmless organic compounds. As the consequences of e-cigarettes can not give long-term studies in humans, the scientists examined the consequences for mause. 10 mice were exposed for three hours a day and 5 days a week for 12 weeks the steam of an e-cigarette machine, another 10 mause served as a control group. In addition, human lung and urinary bubble cells were exposed to steam.

During the manship turned out how the scientists wrote in their article that in the heart, in the lungs and in the urinary bubble was detected at the DNA as in the mats in the control group. In the lungs were the consequences two to three times as high as in the heart or in the bubble. In the lungs after suspension at the nicotine steam, the repair of DNA is also reduced, so find less repair proteins XPC and OGG1 / 2. Similar consequences, the scientists found in human cell cultures exposed to the nicotine and NNK-containing steam. In these cells there were higher mutation rates and tumor-forming changes.

The nicotine from smoking and steaming nitrosamines are carcinogenic and harmful the DNA. Even if the inhalation of the e-cigarettes brings fewer carcinogens into the body than smoking, e-cigarette smokers probably have, so the scientists, a nevertheless of high risk as non-smokers, lung or bladder cancer and heart disease.


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