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Air France directs Internet Forum for members of the Concorde crash

The Air France offers seasons for the Concorde flight AF 4590 on your homepage. In addition to the current press information, the care group has now also set up a password-enabled Internet Forum for the relevant falltopfer.

On the first information page for aircraft relief, facts are compiled and fitting the data and facts, and the Prasident of Air France, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, prints the families of the victims of his deep mellow. The page with the seasons Press Releases also offers purely technical information. The telephone number to the German crisis team of Air France in Munchen was given pretty quickly. Of the 100 aircraft victims were 96 people of German nationality. Already in the first press releases one referred to the regular and prescribed maintenance. Pretty fast one was also with speculation about the cause of the aircraft catastrophe. Although no microcracks at the aircraft have been detected during the last maintenance on the machine, Air France granted the Concorde to today’s busbody.

At the time of the first commemoration for the victims of this terrible aircraft relief, the airline told the relevant comprehensive aid. For example, a prepayment of 21 341 euros for the immediate needs and the objection of the charity costs was requested. In addition, Air France presented psychological and administrative support in view. Obviously, the establishment of a password-enabled Internet Forum for more attention of the plane crash is obviously on this measures. For the forum, further information should be offered and the possibility to contact other affected ones can contact.

You can contact other affected persons via this web page. We liked you with the Internet Forum the possibility to exchange experiences, share your own information or plan joint projects. Your care group

It is always apparent on how important the exchange of those affected is when the first public sympathy is disputed and the reality of the happened and everyday life has obtained the relatives. Here, the Internet Forum offers a further opportunity to work together to work together with others.


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