Yemen use of the bundeswehr: concentrated cynicism

Yemen use of the Bundeswehr: concentrated cynicism

Eurofighter are used by the Saudi Air Force Auh in Yemen. Image: Alan Hunter / CC BY-SA-2.0

Guest commentary to the decision of the Federal Cabinet, soldiers and policemen for the monitoring of the ceasefire in the Yemen to send

Today, on 10. April 2019, the Federal Cabinet has decided the posting of up to 10 German soldiers and police officers as part of a UN mission of 75 military robes to monitor the ceasefire in the Yemeni port city of Hodeila.

In a letter from Secretary of State Niels Anne to Members of the Estate as of the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag, the use is made as follows: "German participation in the mission lies in the Yemen-Political, Regional Policy and VN political interest in Germany and makes an important contribution to the implementation of security council decisions and to the effort of United Nations Peace Missions." At the same time reported Tagesschau.the fact that the state of the Federal Government was known in a secret meeting of the Bundestag, according to which German rusts of the Yemen are used.

The Federal Government therefore relaxed the weapon embargo against Saudi Arabia in the knowledge that with German participation fighters such as Tornado and Eurofighter continues to be used for the terrorist attacks against the Yemeni civil-volcanization. The question of the final balance warranty was therefore reinterpreted by the Federal Government, so that the use of German weapons in the Yemen war by Saudi Arabia is considered compatible with the German final prevention provisions.

A rogue who thinks evil. Against the background that the Federal Government Government Germany is indirectly towards the War Party in Yemen War by the continued arms deliveries to the Aggressor Saudi Arabia, the posting of German military robes in the Yemen is more than cynical. Germany is in no case neutral in this conflict and deliberately violates the unwritten UN rule that no soldiers of gross weights, conflict parties or states with immediate interests should be used for observation missions.

At the same time, the use of the German Office should suggest a peace policy commitment of the Federal Government in Yemen, which does not exist. Because on the contrary, the Federal Government heats up the conflict by its weapons deliveries, which allows the Saudi bombing war, and complies with the terrible war crimes of the Islamist head-off dictatorship.

At many front sections, the war in Yemen continues with undiminished hard. Due to the attacks of the Saudi-guided war coalition, millions of people threaten to hungry death. Daily civilians are killed. On the 8th. April 2019 UNICEF reported on the bombing of two schools in the Yemeni capital Sanaa. At least 14 children have been killed. Of 16 other children who were injured, some still fighted their lives in hospitals, so the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The Yemen’s use of the Bundeswehr is nothing but a cynical drain trade for the German weapons deliveries to the continuation of the terrorist war of the finest of darkness in Riad. Militarbachter in the Yemen should send states that are really neutral and have no geopolitical interests in the region. If the Federal Government really wanted to do something for people in Yemen, she had to explain an immediate and comprehensive weapon stick for the entire Yemen war coalition, especially for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Sevim Dagdelen is Deputy Chairman and Rolling Speaker of the Group DIE LINKE in the Bundestag.

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