G7 meeting as a staging of rewriting germany

At the meeting of the G7 finance ministers in the Red Zone in Dresden, it was self-viewed Germany and Greece

A domestic area separated by a fence in the middle of the city center, in which essential fundamental rights such as the reconciliation law have been set. Thus, Dresden presents these days.

From 27. to 29. May days in the Sachsian capital The Finance Ministers and central bank chiefs of the G7 states and Dresden has its red zone. The meeting takes place within the framework of the German G7 Prassidel. There, the G7 meeting is to be prepared for the weekend at Elmau Castle, in a fiscal field.

Germany — symbol for Germany’s recurrence like Phonix from the ashes

Host Wolfgang SchaBle uses the meeting for the presentation of the new German self-confidence. The venue is also part of the program. Thus, on the website of the Federal Finance Minister en passant the latest German historical payment is widely used: "How hardly another German city is Dresden for the successful reconstruction after two dictatorships and successful structural change. Dresden is a symbolistic place to advise in the G7 district of the starting of the global economy after the financial crisis."

Such statements ignore years of discussions that declined the equation of NS and GDR with good arguments. The Saga from the rewriting Germany such as Phonix from the ashes works on the example of Dresden only if you think an aspect that will be reciprocated in the statement from Schauble. It is also an affront against the then anti-Hitler coalition. The bombing is simply recessed as a vacancy.

In today’s history discourse of the self-confident nation Germany, one bears it for the time being rather at the time. The governmental rhetoric gives the right, which in the last 25 years not only the Neonacipropaganda, but also the official Dresden myth took critically under the microscient. The explanations of the G7 meeting show how today Dresden is to be used self-reliably in the service for the self-confident Germany.

All talk about Grexit

Hosted Schauble does not fail in Dresden to kick his favorite opponent. This is Greece, since the majority of the local population had earned a government that rejects the austerity policy that is significantly associated with schauble.

Picture made a little subtle propaganda. Since Schauble clogged against Athens and compares the Greek Minister of Finance with SED Ministers. But not he, but Greece cares according to the picture on the meeting for irritation. The Greek government had actually made optimism and an early agreement with the institutions, such as the Troika and Co. Now be called, placed in view. But Schauble denied immediately. "Thus, at today’s G7 meeting, a superity also became clear: as fast as the Greek Left Legal Government of Minister Prosident Alexis Tsipras believes, it will not give birth to new financial syringes for Athens in the monthly Gearre", writes picture.

The intention is clear. One wants the opposite government in the tight drive until either Syriza breaks up or the population in Greece loses patience. So the dismantling of a democratically chosen government continues, which does not want to dance to Germany’s arrows. In doing so, IMF-Chefin Largarden has failed, the international financiers had not yet achieved gross progress in the debt dispute with Greece. The progress carries out after this reading on how far the Greek government is willing to give up their election promises and subordinate themselves to the dictation of the institutions.

In the past there was sometimes tactical contradiction between the IMF and Schauble. The IMF has ever invited the EU to be a bit more flexible to Greece, so that the country is able to serve the liabilities to the IMF. That no longer went if the country officially blamed his insufficiency.

But in Dresden, Largarde has recognized the Grexit, ie the out of the eurozone from the economically forced by AUBEN, as a possibility. Thus, the Greek government threatens to lose a prere medement because it always hoped that the financiers do not want to have. The debates are not about the interests of the majority of the parts of the population impoverished by the austerity policy. It’s all about whether Greece continues to pay debts.

In recent weeks, particularly LAGAFE has increased prere on the Greek Government and excluded every payment. This position has credited it in Dresden. In addition, she accused the Greek government, she was unsoundridically opposed to the countries of the Asia and Africa, which reflects despite gross poverty debt.

Athens and the debt deletion

That’s demagogy. In fact, non-governmental organizations, ocons and politicians in the countries of the global South demand for decades. There is a worldwide movement for this requirement.

The Lander never came out of the devil’s circle of poverty and detention, if the often illegitimate debts are not deleted, so the arguments. The debts were often advised by political elites, not infrequently of military engineers, and did not benefit the political elites, but not the majority of population. All attempts to enforce a debt deletion were rejected by IMF and World Bank and threatened the countries with political and economic insulation.

So there was many similarities between many states of global South and Greece. The Greek government could even give new impetus for an international debate on debt delay if it was explained that it exposes payments and used the money for social reforms that relieve the distressing population. Exactly the fear of IMF and the institutions and try everything to prevent such solidarity. The propaganda from the countries of the Global Suden’s Unsoolidary Greece.

Dresden — No warm-up for Elmau?

Now such a conference also has the opportunity that the part of the political opposition reported to speak, which has entered this handling of the German government with Greece. The Dresdner authorities have set themselves up. Red zone is called the high safety areas in the middle of the city’s weddings of globalization critical movement. But from a coarse protest movement can not be talked in Dresden.

The Sachsian Left Party speaks of missed opportunities at the meeting and proves to be a constructive opposition party that just wants to address a few other topics at the meeting. Again a year ago, readers of the Sachsian newspaper argued whether the meeting was ignored by the protest movement or whether Dresden became a protest high castle during the summit.

Now it turns out that the former had right. This is all the more amazing, when a part of the Auberarlamentar Leften to Sudbayern mobilized, where the G7 meeting takes place in the next week at Castle Elmau (the Alpine fortress of the rich and powerful). The mobilization is unlikely to compare with the months of preparation for the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. The Bavarian Provincial Government and the Burgers of Different Political Cooler Try to keep the protests.

Currently, the G7 protesters are trying to make the ban on the prohibition for a camp legally. The camp was banned by the agents because it is in a possible flood area. That there will be flood there in the next week, is rather unlikely. That fundamental rights are put to force, on the other hand.

From today it is checked at the boundaries. For some days, hikers report on prohibitions and harassment. Actually goods for the protest movement the meeting in Dresden a good chance to put our own accents before. 2007, when the meeting of the then G8 finance ministers at Potsdam took place, it was part of the protest choreography. So the Dresdner protest fleaness is also an indication of the weak of the current movement against the G7 summit. In this case, the political decisions are decided in meetings as in Dresden, which will be presented and separated on the summit as in Elmau only. Therefore, he had to meet as in Dresden in the focus of the protest movement.

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