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The North Rhine-Westphalian provider ISIS blocks websites on the operation of the Dusseldorf district government — but also dissociates itself from the "Embarrassment"

The dispute over Nazi websites and US offers, which look like WWW.rotten.Com decides the fight for freedom of expression (information and spectacle), goes into a new round. After Dusseldorf set the providers in NRW the knife on the chest, an access provider with a placebo solution is now pretended. The problem "unsavory" However, network contents are not eliminated.

For months, the Dusseldorfer District Government has begun the providers in North Rhine-Westphalia to block access to four incriminated, coarse-part neo-Nazi propaganda distributing US websites (Dusseldorf wants to prevail blocks of American websites). 56 Internet providers had targeted the Dusseldorfer Government Sprasident Jurgen Bussov, which was clearly illegal about the content under German law and invited to an appeal last Tuesday. In doing all, between both sides, intelligence problems arose so that no agreement was achieved in the dispute over the technical transfer of web blockages.

Since the district government is also affiliated to the media supervisory persons of the country, Bussov also has with the "Arrangement of the blocking" according to the media-services state treaty (MDSV and others "required measures" threatened. Although rights experts are in no way agree on whether the MDSV takes over at the complained web addresses, the middle-class duselorfer provider ISIS is currently trying to banish the four controversial web addresses from his offer in an act of adopting obedience.

Addresses are diverted

"In order to escape a regulatory procedure and a book money, we tended", explains an ISIS spokeswoman against Telepolis. For a solution about interventions in the domain name Systems (DNS), which helps help finish network addresses. The provider’s DNS server now "test" Any request for one of the listed URLs no longer further on the appropriate offer in the US, but to a reporting form for illegal websites at the Dusseldorf district government.

the "Blocking" However, to fix with a handle. As the team leader Internet technology at ISIS itself, Hans-Joachim Mittler, Telepolis succeeded, each of the affected 55.000 Provider customers after the opening of the TCP / IP control panel stated for the network configuration there, enter an alternative domain server there and surf easily to the illegal offerings in Germany.

Like the mapping as "Zag’s censorship attempt" Critical Chaos Computer Club communicates in an opinion, such as the IP addresses or the IP addresses. Name server (DNS2.Denic.DE), (DNS3.Denic.DE), ( in question.

Laugh locking and filter suggestion

The implemented "DNS solution" is "actually dull" and meet highest "Fritzchen stoof", Also means the ISIS technician mediator. However, it was the alternatives other than the alternatives generated by the three attributable in the government spraying.

Otherwise, the blockade of IP addresses has been spoken directly to the data routers. Of these were at ISIS, which also offers the so-called virtual hosting of web addresses, "Thousands of web servers" affected. The University of Applied Sciences Koln had already experimented with IP locks in the run-up to the appeal, but the test quickly set again, as the students were unpleasured portals such as Yahoo no longer achieved.

Also discarded, so mediator on, you have a solution about the installation "transparent" Proxy servers that could act as a relay station. "The goods have been more laughing for us", says the technician. The required million expenditure for the rejection of the infrastructure was not even true that the blockade works.

Nevertheless, a mediator is sure that isis now "brought the stone to the rollers". He expects Bussow a clear positioning, which is actually the goal of the district government. The providers have not become clear to the providers, whether the media supervision is about keeping the mass of surfers or neo-Nazis away from the seperated offers. The former is in principle unnotically, as the coarse part of the users "anyway does not go to such pages", wife middle. And the really interested parties always found ways to work out locks.

Pack ubel on the root

The association of the German Internet economy ECO, where ISIS is not conducted as a member, speaks of a pure dusporer "Placebo effect". Even if an address has been blocked by a provider, this is the attention exactly on this website and you will be more famous within the shortest time than ever. "The state power must grab the Ubel at the root and take the criminal elements that create and unopolit the illegal content", Requires ECO business drivers Harald Summa. "If this does not succeed the state, you can not condemn the Internet providers as a culprit."

Similarly, the CCC is the solid conviction that the BUSSOW requested and used by ISIS "Censorship through technical measures" Not the appropriate handling of mutably problematic content is. the "Massive restrictions of the burger in the exercise of their freedom of exercise" Will speaker Jens Ohlig in any case "do not accept". His colleague Andy Muller-Magun holds all the filter and blockade prefix for ultimately not compatible with the Basic Law. More important is the demand of one "Social immunite against content that are perceived as problematic."

Put in bulk against blocking

In addition to the CCC, other burger rights, such as Article 5 or the Reisverein for Information Technology and Society (FITUG), that so far only four addresses comprehensive black list from Dusseldorf after the implementation of first blocking tests is steady. "If we are not careful, we catapults with a seemingly harmless technical filter solutions by 200 years in the catch-up story", Fear a representative of Article 5.

The group’s freedom cheaters now recommend providers to turn on a competent administrative lawyer and with his help against possible fragments "to defend mass". The media waxes had to prove in each case that a blocking is necessary and possible. This is definitely better than putting in effect as an ineffective manover.

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