Hungarian minister should prepare border fence

Government refers to similar structural maws in Bulgaria and Greece

The Hungarian Aufemister Peter Szijjarto announced the press yesterday after a Cabinet meeting that Minister of Interior Sandor Pinter will prepare the construction of a four-meter high border fence at the 175-kilometer border to Serbia. On questions as to whether the planned fence could not violate EU regulations, Szijjarto referred to similar structural macers on the Greek-Turkish and the Bulgarian-Turkic border, which had remained unansperished so far.

Reason for the government order is the highly increased number of asylum seekers: during three years ago only 2.000 people presented an asylum application in Hungary, it was already 43 in 2014.000. This figure was significantly exceeded in 2015 before the middle of the year, which is why one at least 100.000 asylum seekers ended — a fence of fence since 2012. Hungary has expected the second highest asylum seeker ratio to Sweden per inhabitant from all EU countries.

The Hungarian Minister of the Interior Sandor Pinter. Photo: Magyarorszag Kormanyanak. License: CC BY-SA 2.5

In recent years, many went to Hungary on the way to Austria and Germany. But even there, it has taken to counterclaims or discussed by: The Easter-rich Minister of the Interior of Johanna Mikl-Leitner lies so-called "Dublin trap", which entered the first time in Bulgaria or Hungary the first time EU area (and the EU legal situation must be accommodated there), now with charter machines to Sofia and Budapest fly out. And in Bavaria, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and Finance Minister Markus Soder call for the experiences with the suspension of the Schengen Agreement in front of the G7 summit in Elmau the regular reintroduction of border controls to Suden and East.

At the beginning of July, the Hungarian Minister Prosident Viktor Orban meets his Serbian office colleague Aleksandar Vucic to talk about the influx of Arabs and Afghans. Orban had already announced in a radio program last Friday that he sees the sad neighbor in the duty to do more against the locking to Hungary. If this does not happen, then he holds all the possibilities open to the complete breaking of the border.

The Serbian Government, which seeks EU membership, has already set up the border controls to Macedonia (from where most of the leased to Serbia enter) and Hungary in a prospect. Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic goods also ready to set up a strip, check the Serbian and Hungarian policeman together.

Is Van Pasztor, Chairman of the Hungarian Minority Party in the Autonomous Serbian border province of Wojwodina not that such measures could hamper the (especially for its ethnic group of significant) small border traffic. The chairman of the regional parliament instead expects migrants to avoid Serbia if the way to Hungary is blocked. In Serbia, the behavior from January to May 2015 took 22.000 Asylum on — six times as much as the year before.

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