Newsweek brings a launch of the ukrainian passenger machine into the game

Newsweek brings a launch of the Ukrainian passenger machine into the game

Image: Hossein Mersadi / Fars News / CC BY-SA-4.0

Members of the Ukrainian Investigation Commission should also have doubts about a technical breakdown, Iran rejects the assertion of a rocket committee

Members of the Investigative Commission sent by Ukraine to Tehran should conclude after media reports after the first observations on the crash place, that a drive-in troubleshooting does not have the cause of the fall (Council rates around the crash of Ukrainian Boeing 737 in Iran). A member told Yuriy Butusov journalist that he could not discover fire traces at the two engines. But they had not seen any radar data and air control data and therefore did not know if something could be flown near the Boeing.

Oleksiy Danilov, the chairman of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), said, you will seek in coordination of Iran at the crash site after residents of a gate rocket. Feel four possible scenarios: a shot through a rocket, a collision with a drone or other object, engine damage or a technically conditioned explosion or a terrorist attack.

Newsweek now wants to learn from a Pentagon staff, a high American intelligence officer and an Iraqi secret service officer that the passenger machine had been shot down by a missile defense system. It should have traded around a Russian gate-M1 floor air rocket, the three know "Official", but they do not want to be called namely. That’s how always difficult to judge, because secret services like to perform information on this way, but also false messages to the press, which like such exclusive messages.

Two of the informants said, in the Pentagon one goes out that it was acting for an accident. The Iranian air defense systems have been active due to the rocket attacks on US stall points at night. This did not have the Pentagon nor the Ministry of Affairs or the National Security Council.

Donald Trump commented: "I have my suspicion. It flew in a pretty rough environment and someone could have committed a mistake." Also, the Canadian head of government declared that the machine had been accidentally shot down: "We have information from many sources. They point out that the plane were shot down by an Iranian soil air rocket. That can now be deliberately."

The head of Civil Aviationbedhorde Ali Abedzadeh rejected the "illogical" Back that the plane had been shot down by a rocket: "From a scientific perspective, it is impossible that a rocket hit the Ukrainian plane. The plane began after three minutes flight time fire."

He relied on testimonies and data derived from aircraft parts. The pilot tried to turn, but the plane was stunted because of the fire and then exploded. It is not exploded in the air. One cooperates with the Ukrainian Investigation Commission.

The flyers found are so damaged, he said CNN that one may need help from abroad, from Canada and France to decoding. The information became published worldwide.

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