With a packed emergency bag expect the unexpected

Sydney has started a campaign with advice on how the city dwellers are to prepare for potential disasters or terrorist attacks

Terrorism, from the principal, as abstract, always, at any time and everywhere danger, politicians, aggregates and security experts, and encourages an incoantial flow of new maws or considerations. What the security is concerned should not apply any thought bans, but on the other hand, for example, in Germany likes to maintain when it comes to minimizing high victim numbers about traffic. Even a total monitoring of the burgers and the use of the Bundeswehr inside, perhaps also targeted totters and unlimited imprisonments to suspect as a speed limit on highways, which was reduced in the long term the number of heavy impetvals and thus the deadline for the deadline.

Poster of the campaign

On a mutual idea, the city hall of the Australian city of Sydney has now come to ruste the burgers against the permanent over them floating threat, which, of course, not only from terrorism, but also of fire, storming, earthquake or electricity failure. You have to go, so it’s in the coarse, supported by the government campaign Let’s Get Ready Sydney, also in everyday life "expect the unexpected" and prepare for emergency trap. Garry Harding, the administrative leader of the city, explained that people had to set up on terrorist attacks: "You can not ignore what happened abroad. We are all conscious. The city of Sydney has made tremendous efforts to be rusted for an incident as it." For example, the network has been expanded to monitoring cameras. "All the citys have to be aware of the potential terroral threat", explained burgermeister Clover Moore, "This is now a fact of life, and you must be aware of what we expect in terms of tribute weather conditions at the beginning of climate change."

All burgers with their family should work out a personal emergency plan, for which the city gives numerous tips. It is composed and consulting, which should be made in every emergency and how to prepare for it, for example, how to leave the house, the workplace, the neighborhood and where you can find protection or if one prefer to place in place should stay. If you leave the house, you should turn off electricity and gas, look by with his neighbors and also take cats in a basket with a pillow. The plan should be worked out in writing, every family member should have a copy with them. Twice a year you should pause at least the emergency plan. And it is very important to always place an emergency bag at the entrance of the apartment, which contains everything necessary for survival.

Go Bag with content

This also sustainably recommended by the Champion Clover Moore recommended emergency bag, called "Go Bag", Being with water bottles, replacement batteries, a flashlight, a portable radio, adequate clothing for summer (with hat and sunscreen) and winter, comfortable shoes, toilet paper, mobile phone, a first aid set, credit and bank cards, cash, a city map and a personal contact list. Moore, however, one, but no emergency bag has been packed.

Everyone is not excited about the campaign. Chris Harris, a city council of the grunen, criticizes the campaign as an example of a "Fear policy", How the government has been running for years: "I think this fear campaigns. Where should you go with the go-bags? In our current public transport system, the straws were clogged in minutes."


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