With dignity

Switzerland has encouraged the conditions for the suspicion, in Germany is still whether the club Dignitas can enable a precedentity of deaths

The Swiss Association of Dignitas, which also offers death banks, is accused of critics to make business with death and to operate a "death tourism". New regulations in Switzerland restrict the death management, while in Germany is a precedent.

The journalist and lawyer Ludwig A. Minelli founded "Dignitas" in 1998. Members can be advised after payment of the receptive period and the ordinary membership contribution in case of problems with patient convictions, with doctors or in the home. In addition, the club also offers deaths.

After taking information in the conversation with employees, the patient’s family doctor or a doctor asked by the association after insight into the patient record and a conversation a recipe for the deadly sodium pentobarbital that lets the patient sleep and suffocate. When taking the agent, witnesses are present, the procedure is sometimes filmed for legal protection. The police must be consulted for further control. The patient must administer his last medicine himself oral or via injection in Switzerland. Active euthanasia is banned in Switzerland as well as in Germany, but there is the possibility to obtain sodium pentobarbital on recipe; As long as the aid for suicide is not made from self-forming motives, it is not punishable.

Criticism of "Dignitas" is loud in different points. This is accused of the club to operate "sterbetourism". In fact, not only the number, but also the proportion of those who travel to Switzerland to die to die: were in 2000 of 33 people who were accompanied by death in Switzerland, only 5 foreigners, so it rose in 2003 from 94 (from 129) and 2006 to 174 (from 221).

Not all cases listed in the statistics have been carried out by "Dignitas", there are other clubs offering the death management. The company exinternational is active as well as exit in this area. In a speech in Jena in January of this year, Minelli named the number of Germans accompanied by "Dignitas":

There were about 475 people who have come to Dignitas in the last nine and a half years from Germany to a life that they have no longer perceived for themselves, even a safe, painless and worthy end. About 355 people came from other countries..

Ludwig minelli

"Exit", however, only accompanies Swiss or foreigners residing in Switzerland while dying. Therefore, the employees of "exit" can also work in the apartments of the dementable work and must usually rent no other variablotities for the deaths.

Allegation of commercial deaths

Last year, "Dignitas" had to change the apartments several times, in which aid was made to suicide. The club arouses the resistance of the householders. A backless apartment was announced in September, which then used apartment in Stafa in the same month with a user prohibition. Since then, the club went out, among other things, on hotel room and made two Germans even in the car euthanasia.

In particular, the association has recently been criticized by the former business manner Soraya Wernli, who worked from 2002 to 2005 at "Dignitas", which served as an informant for the police at the end of their time after their own specification. Among other things, it accuses the association to make active euthanasia and to derive dementable people in a "fast method". In addition, she moniates the condition of the apartments, into which death-approved people were brought.

Your accusation that "Dignitas" serves as "one-man-operation" of the personal enrichment minellis is the prosecutor so far in vain.

Why does Mr. Minelli no foundation? It can not be that it was dying only for the rich people. What we have in recent times is the commercial dead of people and that must not be.

Soraya Wernli

People were already the day when they enter Switzerland with support of "Dignitas"; The shortest expiration of a death management with assessment is available at four hours. Soraya Wernli emphasizes her efforts to "bring Mr. Minelli to the clean path," by looking at the conversation with him and the later had to be taken to indicate him again and again.

It points to the fragment of some doctors who cooperate with "Dignitas". The Swiss Administrative Court seems to have them at least in a case. The decision of the health directory has been trimmed to give a 77-year-old doctor the seniors’ practice permit, which he was allowed to treat close friends and relatives. The doctor was in ttig as a reviewer for "Dignitas", but also disclosed sodium pentobarbital, which he had crossed his advisory activity. It was criticized that he "with the prescription of the lethal barbiturate has pulled the consequences from his second opinion equal to himself" what the expertise had made overflowed.

The club has made the club with the application of a new method of totung, in which the death-approved a plasticute over the head stuff. This is filled with helium, whereby the oxygen is displaced in the bag, which leads to the "several ten minutes long" suffocation stod. With the new method, the procurement of sodium pentobarbital and the associated regulations are bypassed. Since the 18th. February the procedure was used four times, which stomps the reputation of the other side after strong control of the deaths by the club by the club.

Mrs Wernli is by no means against the euthanasia, she just demands a networking of the involved organization with palliative physicians, hospices, psychologists and others to offer the death-approved people other options and embedding the supporting organization in controlling mechanisms. She buried the decision that the process of a death management in Switzerland should last a long time: There must be no death management on the day of arrival, but the death-approved must be a week in Switzerland before and there will be three talking to a doctor.

Euthanasia in Germany

In Germany there is a dependency of "Dignitas", in Germany with the name "Dignitate". The attempt to the German offshoot of the association, the CA. 15.000 members have to ban, has failed. "Dignitate" is working on the "Dignitas", Kummert for 95 euros receptacle and 16 euros members of the year, among other things, for the formalities in the death management in Switzerland. "Dignitate" might not only make the death management in Germany, the following passage on the right to death management from the speech Minellis in Jena makes this all too clear with Fragwurrdy Wordstand:

Not to forget: Dignitas is a combat organization that would like to know this right of the individual first on the neighboring states, then on Europe, and finally on the rest of the world.

Ludwig minelli

Against the expansion to Germany still have legal difficulties. On the one hand, sodium pentobarbital in Germany is prohibited, so it is questionable, with what means the death-relevant person is to death. On the other hand, the absurd problem is that a doctor does not have to intervene if a patient will inevitably occupy a dead resort, but very well, if it becomes fainted. The topic of euthanasia is also controversially discussed in Germany, the discussion in Switzerland already points to some problems and dangers that can also be expected in this country when the legal situation shifts.

The doctor Uwe-Christian Arnold, second chairman of "Dignitate", who acquired in 2006, to have made a woman’s aid to suicide, ordered in the last year to create a prospiere in Germany. His attempt to provide a patient in Bavaria substances for self-poisoning, has failed because of a prohibition of prohibition of the Berlin Medical Chamber. However, this case was not suitable as a precaution, as he emphasizes, such a one is still in planning: "The patient must be suitable by the disease."

It is clear that society has changed and that the case-law must be adapted: "We need euthanasia in Germany, because people are not satisfied with them how to deal with them at the end of their lives."

Against the criticism of the Swiss "Dignitas" by Ms. Wernli and others he uses that there was no way to work in less time than 4-6 weeks. Radigeable also often reported very spat and therefore had to suffer a long time. He adds: "I perceived it as uncomfortable that you have to wait so long."He points out that hospices and palliative medicine often did not have grown the problems arising through society changes, and there has been a rough need for death in Germany, to respond to the judge and politician. He sees himself in the task of bringing a "impulse discussion" in the course of self-determination in changing society. Even though he wants to see the dying of death in the main thing on the case with terminal disease, he points to the serious psychic suffering from highly mentally ill patients.

Scenarios like in "2022…The survival want "(Soylent Green), where people are massively inflated (and processed for food), he does not seem. And if one day you occur, then the health insurance companies were federate as the euthanasia. Arnold has already filed a contradiction against the prohibition order of the Medical Association.

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