The us under trump

The US under Trump

Donald Trump at his last weekly speech. Image: Weibe’s house

International Support Organic War Preparing — A Comment

US Prasident Trump announced last week that the United States will be a third country from the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015 to Nicaragua and Syria. The decision, he explained, will spare his country spending, getting jobs and demanding the international competitiveness of his industry.

The reaction, especially the European politics such an outcry: Trump boycottes with the rally the sincere efforts of the rest of the world for a better climate, strolled it, and say goodbye to the western "Commitment".

Whoever makes the Muhe, to look at the arrangements of Paris Client, in the face of such statements surprise the eyes: The Paris Agreement contains only the absorbance clarification, the global embracing "Significantly below 2 degrees Celsius" to limit. It does not contain a single passage that gives the majority of participants to punish the possibility of punish the decline or to implement the decisive.

Why is US Prasident Trump the Muhe, an agreement to know that he had easy to ignore without a mess? And why, above all, European politicians are struck heavily? The reason for both behaviors has little to do with climate and environmental protection …

Trump’s ration: Targeted provocation against competitors of the USA

Prasident Trump, in January, took the lead of a country, which is located in a historical desire: twenty trillion dollars sovereign debt, a decaying infrastructure and a stagnating economy, huge bubbles in the bond, equity and real estate markets, a non-controlling financial sector and a central bank, which after several rounds of money printing and years of interest rate cuts go out to intervene — the US is stuck in the large problems in their two hundred-year history.

As Trump wants to meet you, the composition of his cabinet shows: after promised in the election campaign, the "Swamp in Washington" To lay dry and to keep the US from wars, he has created a government after a 180 degree sweeping, in the Wall Street Bankers and Militar’s final positions.

In the first four months of his term of office, he has worked for both warehouses: The US militar has a higher budget and more influence than ever and was allowed as a threatening fee against the rest of the world the big bomb since Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Afghanistan. The financial industry is cheered because the courses at the stock and bond markets despite miserable economic data from a record rust for the next.

But no matter what Trump does, the maws will not be enough to avert the final collapse of his country: the US economy can not be launched under the present conditions, Trump’s election promise, "To create jobs" or "to bring up millions of times", are not to be realized. The financial sector, in any case, only maintained through permanent manipulation, will continue to proliferate, the collapse of the dollar system — the most important US support — is only a matter of time.

To the "forgotten little man", Summoned the Trump and his team so often, there are harder times than under all previous prassides, D.H.: Trump will continue to remove from those who have chosen him. In this situation, only one option remains: war. On the one hand to distract his trektion from the real problems of the US, on the other to the other to create workplaces in the rust sector and to boost production, so as to at least propose the expiration of the USA on military production at least.

The course Hierferfur are already provided. The order bookers of the US weapons producers are polluted, with the Middle East-bonded to Saudi Arabia, the war has been expanded in Yemen and North Korea has seen the large contraction of US troops abroad for a long time. At the same time, the provocations of the US establishment against Russia, China and Iran. The previously large provocation was beside the Korea march of the rewind of the mega bomb on Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, Trump can not easily break a new war from the bridle without further notice. The reason: a war was forgotten the US population of tremendous victims and made significant in mind how the 99 percent were burdened once more, during which one percent of the ultrare are still indemnified in the war events. Therefore, Trump in the weeks and months ago must forcend his with the most difficult task with the most difficult task: the US population and above all his own election folk in a war, whose victims make themselves themselves.

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