Why did a corona vaccine campaign for children criticize

Why did a corona vaccine campaign for children criticize

Health Minister Spahn und Educational Minister Karliczek for immunization for children from twelve years. Experts advise to caution. Above all, a fundamentation meets in contradiction

At a central theme of the pandemic policy, Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has once provoked a debate: his envision of a sooner Corona vaccine campaign for children from twelve years is in competitors to criticism. Reason for the contradiction, on the one hand, is the lack of data on the assessment of risk and benefits of such vaccinations for mino-team. On the other hand, it is not clarified to what extent school apertures are made up of a vaccination of children and adolescents.

He from a vaccination offer for children and adolescents from twelve years from the end of August, Spahn said yesterday at Tuesday during the visit of a pharmaceutical company in Saxony-Anhalt. Necessary, however, is the at the beginning of such an application by the European pharmaceutical workers EMA. "We ame that in the next few days, this or theest week, can give a plenty of", quoted news agencies the minister.

Spahn und Educational Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) had previously made a flat-covering and permanent opening of the schools indirectly by vaccinations. A return to the classroom education also belongs, "that intense a vaccination campaign for children and adolescents is prepared as soon as the vaccine is approved for the children from twelve years", So Karliczek a few days ago — this will secure the preasrenre class after the summer holidays. Spahn Seconded in the image: "A way to regular lessons after the summer holidays is the vaccination of young people."

Media Report: Vaccination Commission wants to refrain from General Recommendation

This position is now apparently opposed to the static vaccine commission (stiko). That Editorial Network Germany want "informed circles" have learned that the committee will advise against a general vaccination recommendation for children between Zwolf and 15 years. Such a recommendation should only be given for minors of this age group with certain pre-existing conditions, it is called in the report.

According to the Commission, the Commission is based on the insufficient data situation. As a result, there is no auditors in which ratio the risks of vaccination against SARS-COV-2 are to the consequences of a possible Covid-19 disease.

In the beginning of May, the EMA had started a so-called Rolling Review for the Comirnaty-Gabe on patients from twelve years, results are expected in June.

Pediatriciaries such as the Prassident of the Professional Association of the Children’s and Vetals Act (BVKJ), Thomas Fischbach, have evidenced themselves against rapid mass vaccinations in vaccines or schools. Necessary, so fishbach, "a trusting advice". Prospects Location Always use a benefit risk indicator that is exactly superimposed.

Opposition was previously collected by pediatrics in Saarland. There, the Landesverband of the Professional Association of Children’s and Vetals (BVKJ) and the Padiatric Infectiological Network Saar (Paedinesaar) want to depend on the use of the BionTech Pfizer vaccine in any case from a stago recommendation. At this position, the association wants to hold himself by the EMA and the Paul Ehrlich-Institut, which was stood in Germany.

Free decision for vaccination for children

In the interview with Germany radio, the chairman of the vaccination commission, Thomas Mertens, but in relation to the PAHN and Karliczek initiated vaccine debate, but skeptical. The ultimate goal must be the protection and the well-being of the children, he craved. By contrast, the virologist turned that arguments such as the opening of schools or the participation in life or at the holidays of the parents. It must be considered that each vaccine is a medical procedure.

A similar association came the chairman of the German Ethics Council, Alena BuyX. She turned primarily against the argument to vaccinate children in order to achieve a herd immuneity in total taxation. From this or other ground thirst no prere is built: parents had to be freely and individually decided with their children.

Notwithstanding these concerns is a sublitude of the mRNA vaccine comrishy for children from twelve years. In the United States, the drugwords FDA has already allowed such an application — and is therefore followed by the Canada example. According to first observations, the risk for serious complications after vaccination is initially not significantly different from the values of the respective placebo group.


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