Inherit the fdp?

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a Libertare Party wants to move into the state parliament

Currently a new collects "Party of reason" (PDV) support documents to the NRW elections on the 13th. May compete. It refers to the Easter-rich school of the economy and speaks for as little state as possible. Top candidate of the party is the consultant, coach and seminar ladder Dieter audible. He criticizes the euro deplies, the ESM contract, the "Eurocracy", the "Jungle", one "Socialist redistribution policy with dictatorial" and a "Climate Hysteria", consumers in his view for uneconomical decisions.

Mr. Audor — is the party of reason a libertare party?

Dieter’s audible: Yes, the self-mortal of the PDV is. We stand for more bourgeoal freedoms and rights, more self-responsibility and self-government at regional level. Are the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia the first one they start?

Dieter’s audible: These are the first state elections in which the party of reason participates. So seen we have to do it with a pilot project and we are all very curious how it will run. How long is the PDV already?

Dieter’s audible: For about two years. Where are their geographic priorities?

Dieter’s audible: Lower Saxony, NRW and Sudsutschland are strongly represented. Are there celebrities among the members?

Dieter’s audible: The Grounder, Oliver Janich, has a certain degree of awareness through his journalistic activities and as a book author of the capitalism complip. Likewise, Jura Professor Norbert Geng. I herself have certainly achieved a certain degree of awareness through my nationwide activities as a coach and lecturer. Furthermore, I wrote three professional bookers, one of them has become a non-fiction book of the VDI publisher. How hugging your election potential?

Dieter’s audible: Since we first participate in a state election, I would like to back up with forecasts. It is quite possible that we create it in the state parliament of NRW. This can also be influenced by external circumstances. I remember the last choice in Baden-Wurttemberg. If there are more disturbances in the financial world, this could certainly increase the inflow to the PDV. Most electants, in my opinion, is the current dramatic situation in the EU not yet conscious. But the PDV work and does not just want to create problem awareness, but also offer solutions. Do you want to bunch the FDP?

Dieter’s audible: The goods quite a succession success, if we were received in NRW immediately more votes than the FDP. Some FDPlers have a lot of coarse similarities with the program of the PDV. For example, Frank Schaffler has come very close to our ideas in the fall in his gross speech in parliament in the fall. He spoke of one then "Collective rights break" Under the Lisbon Representation — and so we see that in the PDV too. Wilhelm Ropke and Alexander Rustov Konstaltten in the 1930s and 1940s, that even market is a bit artificial and always how to make their frames. Does the PDV do not go behind the findings of the two with their ideas?

Dieter’s audible: Of course, market must always be regulated by framework conditions in a certain way. But today’s state of our market in Europe has achieved a degree of superregulation that is no longer acceptable. Here we want to put really more courage to freedom. Our burgers are not stupid. The level of education of the last decades has risen significantly and the PDV wants to take into account by giving the burger again more freedom for own decisions. You do not have to exclude the areas of education and information from the market economy, so that an ideal market can occur at all? For those all participants had to be well informed.

Dieter’s audible: In my opinion, these are ideals from textbookers who are never quite a reality. But today’s Burger is well turned that he can get all relevant information lightning fast through internet. It is important that already children and adolescents learn to deal with the information flood and to evaluate information sources. Here I confirm again and again deficits. An area in which American Libertare have very different positions is the intellectual law. Where are you here? Rather at Ayn Rand or more at Eric Raymond?

Dieter’s audible: I admit that I have not been so busy with these positions. But as an author is aware of the topic. In the age of the Internet, however, a revaluation of traditional legal positions must be developed. It can not go on like this. You can not criminalize every internet user. Also, patent system must be updated. Because the gross corporation patents on z. B. Plants and seeds and similar have contradicts the liberal presentation of the PDV. What do you mean — are the pirates only the first flowers of the rolling of a party system, which from the 19. Century dates and his bases lost in the population? Will sit in 10 or 20 years instead of FDP, CDU and SPD Libertare, Islamists and Vegans in the German parliaments?

Dieter’s audible: As there is waves in fashion and marketing, I see that with the pirate party. It seems "in" to be able to take regulations and standards looser, and the pirates suggest that they offer the forehead this rules flood. However, waves also. The PDV is laid out in the long term with its strategy and durable for people to better charge. We want to bring the true reduction of patronization through the state and its institutions and again more rights and decision-making freedoms to the burgers.

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