South africa: «fall» want to abolish natural sciences

Movement sees farewell as a prerequisite for decolonization

In SudaFrika, a movement is currently attentive, calling for the natural sciences of the "Decolonization" be completely abolished. These, such a false participant in a discussion at the Universitat Cape Town, are "as a whole a product of western modernity" and therefore had to "scratched" and through "whole new understanding of the environment and our understanding of it" be replaced.

South Africa:'fallisten' wollen naturwissenschaften abschaffen

Fallist talks at the Universitat Cape Town over Witches, which hit lightning. Screenshot: TP

As an example of the alleged inadequacy of the natural sciences, she guides that one believes in KwaZulu-Natal, there are witches that can ensure that people are hit by lightning. On the rhetorical question into the audience, such as science, because it happens, said that the addressed there, something just not happen. On Twitter, this reply is true among the previously mainly used by the Fall Lists Hashtag #scieneCemustfall.

Parallels to SJWS

The foldings are (similar as the American SJWs who vulgarized offset from Gender Studies and African American Studies and put as dogmas) from an academic fashion emerged, the Postcolonial Studies. The fact that they are even more radical claims as their American equivalents, is, among other things, at the close to movements such as the extremist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the party and movement of the former ANC Youth Organization Chef Julius Malema (cf. ANC loses at local elections in Sudafrika).

Malema, a Pedi (North Sotho), was excluded from the ANC in 2012 after he asked to stream the government of the neighboring Tswana State Botswana, because they "Stool of imperialism" may be.

However, Botswana’s residents with economic growth of 5.2 percent and an inflation rate of 3.8 percent of African ratios is relatively good — unlike those in northutse-like Zimbabwe, whose head of state Robert Mugabe is worshiped by Malema because he masses wet Farmer expropriated without adding to the economic consequences (see. African prasident as "Racist of the year" Excellent and Zimbabwe exposes the validity of its preservation).

connection to "Economic Freedom Fighters"

Such expropriations propagates the eff-"Commander" also for Sudafrika, where they should take place not only in agriculture, but also in the mining and energy sector. And despicable. The song "Kill the boer", The quasi-hymn of his movement, even calls to death to death. Ware the EFF a German party, had the Federal Scarf Court No Muhe to ban her. Therefore, because Malema said the Arab broadcaster Al-Jasira, he and his uniform red uniformed pears became the SudaRican government "Remove with the weapon in hand", If you do not disappear different.

In the mailGuardian, the most traditional left-liberal weekly newspaper Sudafrikas, warned Marius Oosthuizen therefore to take and believe the phenomenon foldings on the light shoulder:

Narrative, as easy as a TV drama

In his opinion, their narrative (which reproduces the functioning of the world, although not taking revaluities, but still spreading rapidly because they disassemble as simple solutions as a television drama) with one of the promises of apartheid-ended youth (the instead of a trickle instead of a trickle -Down effect only one "sprinkler system" Experienced, the contaminants on PartyGangwellelt) on such fertile ground that "New fascist nationalism" arise and ensured that there are universities instead of clashes with ideas with stones and bullets.


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