They want to play only

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The American media critic and video logger Anita Sarkeesian wanted to finance a few video films on Kickstarter a few video films to the sexist stereotypes in computer games. And then she experienced her blue miracle.

They want to play only

Because hardly that she had announced her project on Kickstarter and YouTube, a shitstorm broke off the very special variety. The author thought it was first, it only deals with one of the usual troll events where a few lonely hearts and scrotacs cough their hatred in the internet. But it did not stay with the full-borderbile exercises of a few.

Not only one tried to resolve verbally permanently on a role as a party at the stove — it is indeed, however, however, in the exceptions of these special mentally poor the claim emerges, the journalist Moge goes into the kitchen and stay there. Her Wikipedia side was vandalized, death threats were more convincing than usual in the darkest mental passes of the network, sexual and racist-colored insults and threats were without number. To do this, the talk of "Feminazis" and similar mischief.

If you look at the word messages in question, you have to keep in mind again and again what it really went. Anita Sarkeesian had her intention to make documentary videos about women’s tighter stereotypes in computer games, and to finance the company she had made money over Kickstarter. For this reason, the idiot-international like a pack of rotted dogs over her and wishes her death and spoil. A particularly intelligent representative of the idiotinal international programmed a game where you could virtually praise Anita Sarkeesian (the game has been deactivated on the relevant page).

Anyone who is on the Internet is facing Fruher or later with the radical breakout of patriarchal idiotie. But the intensity of hatred is amazed. Where does he comes from? Obviously, women-tiny thinking patterns also regenerate new in times of internet in every manner generation. And under the conditions of the Internet, they obviously rose particularly loudly.

Trolls: made clear how important feminist interventions continue

In addition, Sarkeesian has dared to discuss the shadow side of a manner-novel: computer games are still played by manners, often enough of manners who deal with modern technology, but remained in the Stone Age by the psychic and mental development. In addition, it may have irritated the rage of the stone-oriented computer fans that the author just searched for a forum for a forum and a financing base for their idea.

If Kickstarter is otherwise perceived as a pottery of the above-and-wise crowders, Geeks and Nerds, as a virtual workshop for all the coarsely small inventors who sometimes silly silly, sometimes wonderful projects want to use the power of crowdfunding. That a woman just wanted to raise money for the research on the departure of a manner novel, was obviously too much.

The irony of all this is a two-time one. First, the bruzzle of patriarchal hollow heads clearly makes it clear how important feminist interventions continue. Who believed that the topic was actually done, sees itself in view of a highly lively and active community of digital hollow roles of a better taught.

Second, the attention for cybermobbing, the Anita Sarkeesian was exposed to the fact that their project was financed within a day, and in a month twenty-six times the originated sum ($ 6000) played. "That’s how it can go, her peppers!", Sarkeesian could call her hateful opponents. Unfortunately, the world is so procured that only a short moment of the triumph in a fight was started, from a historical point of view, just started.

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