30 Billion euros more against age diseases

30 billion euros more against age diseases

Felix Werth hangs up a poster. Photo: Party for health research

In the European election, a party is committed to health research, which consciously addresses a single topic

During the European elections on 26. May in Austria only seven parties on the ballot box, it is in Germany 41. One reason for this is that in Austria due to the lower population at least four percent vote for a mandate are necessary, while in Germany, about 0.6 percent range, as long as there is no new locking clause (cf. European Election Surveys: Missing Panel Clause does "Other" strong).

Under these 41 parties is also the party for health research, which with a single demand: which has not even increased a billion euros comprehensive budget for the exploration of age diseases by 30 billion euros so far. That, so party feet and top candidate Felix Werth in conversation with Telepolis, "Sounds like a lot", but is less than the converted 35 billion euros comprehensive American health research budget, although the USA has 186 million less inhabitants than the EU.

No money from the pharmaceutical industry

With the money, medical progress, according to the biochemist, clearly accelerate himself clearly because institutions and study sites were set up and researching scientists according to causes and treatment options for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The question of how to ensure that not only the volume of publications with rather lean insight value increases (cf. Doubts about Rosler’s dissertation) says Werth, you have to worry about it when there is the new facilities.

He does not see the pharmaceutical industry as a competition for such facilities, but has no donations from her yet. Which offered, she became the party for health research to reject his impression, because otherwise it could be accused of representing their interests.

Warning Example Pirate Party

According to Werth, it has been deliberately decided to be a one-topic party because one can best demand a goal in this way. If items were raised to other topics, the opinion of his (in an interview with Longevity Politics) believe that both members and the media could be tempted to lose things, which is important to be important, but (unlike the massive increase the remedy for health research) are already covered by other parties. Although he does not explicitly address it, one fees here to the warning example of the Pirate Party reminds (see. Pirates have a few problems less).

Should be the share of the vote on 26. May for a seat in the EU Parliament, the top candidate wants to be included in all votes in all votes. Whether he is attracting himself a group to better contribute, he has not yet decided. For example, the Spanish Party Miel Captured by the bestselling author Jose Cordeiro Captured by the bestselling author Jose Cordeiro, which has a similar focus, came came, which has a similar focus. At Miel, however, is still unclear (unlike the party for health research) whether it collapses the existing signatures to threaten Europe elves.

To ask for the opportunities, Among other things, Werth points to the Berlin House of Representatives of 2016, where his party came to 0.5 percent despite extensive unknownness to 0.5 percent of the second votes — these are less than 0.1 percentage points less than for a move to the European Parliament. If the share of the vote is gross, other candidates also have opportunities on a mandate. Among other things, the Party List of the Party State Molecular Biologist Nadine Saul, the Geraer Heart Perfusionist Kai, the Weilheimer Bioinformatiker Kemal Akman and the Terrete Nursing Georg Diederich and the Terrete Nursing Georg Diederich.

Through a better than expected result, however, the biochemist hopes above all attention in other parties. It should be clear to them that they could increase their own share of votes if they take the goal of his party. The more votes you get, the more likely it will be his words that happens. Wahler were losing larger parties by taking the goal of Werth’s view: when collecting the energy required for the European election thereto.000 signatures on the strain showed his details according to name that virtually any more money for health research advocates.

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