Appetizing egg foam

At a symposium to the 100. Birthday of Albert Hofmann was looking for the future place of LSD in society

The title of the event "Gorge child or wonder drug" could hardly be chosen better. Still today, almost seven decades after the synthesis by the chemist Albert Hofmann in 1938, the substance is in a deeply ambivalent reputation. In all countries of the earth, it is forbidden, on the other hand, there is just as long-lasting efforts to use the potent psychedelic as a medicament or sacral awareness chair. Three days at the Basel Congress Center by winning the central question: Which place can and should take LSD in a society?

Appetizing egg foam

In the foreground: Rolf Verres, Albert Hofmann, Christian Ratsch

Amazing heterogeneous the audience: 20-year chemists in suit, 40-year meditation freaks in batik, 60-year professors in cardigans. In the presentation and discussions, application areas with different potential and problem shifts.

Already the first leaflet of the company Sandoz (today Novartis), at the Hofmann in the times of the 2. World War II research and the LSD (Lysergsaurediathylamide) brought as a drug to the market, psychiacs whose intake to better understand their patients. Not just this "Model psychosis" seemed promising, even the treatment of alcohol addiction and psychopathologies were successfully completed.

It is largely unknown to this day that the permanent phase of legalitat, during the permanent phase of legalitat, gave a series of promising therapeutic-oriented researches with LSD in Europe. Almost 40.000 people were preserved during therapeutic sessions LSD, of mental damage is not known. The associated documents were inherently scanned and are at the EROWID organization (http: // ready.

In the then CSSR Stanislav Grof developed the "LSD psychotherapy", In Germany, the "Psycholytic therapy" To the Gottinger Hanscarl Leuner heavily accessible inner material to the surface, which, from this view, were only therapeutically worked therapeutically.

Today, there are always trials LSD or other psychedelics in the therapy. Thus Charles Rough, Professor for Psychiatry At the University of California, currently a study with cancer cranks, whose qualifying the essence should be mitigated by a psilocycin understuting psychotherapy. In the case of alcohol, in whose healing has been recorded for five decades, hardly scientific advances have appeared with ibogain, a drug from Africa, promising, promising. In Canadian vancouver, going attempts are made here.

Breasts through all the doors of perception

Appetizing egg foam

To mude for psychedelic revolution

Ernst young took one of the first controlled LSD trips along with his friend Albert Hofmann, the woman of young spoke of "pubertarem". The impressive effect died in the 1950s for coarse interest in intellectuals, artists and spiritually interested parties, whose reports made a broad public curious. The path for LSD as the folk drug of the 60s was paved. The transformational experiences on the personal level were almost perceived after a transformation of which was perceived as a spacious, lusty and relaxitualized "spat capitalist" society. The Hippie Age began. In the US Timothy Leary called "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" on, Vietnam protest and LSD woven into a political movement that propagated a radically new life-fired.

Through the following, lateral banner, all approaches were placed on a professional application of LSD as a therapeutic agent practically lame. Albert Hofmann has been calling for the resumption of research for decades. He regrets the mass dissemination of his invention. Him as others is clear: so much the substance has brought and brought the substance to a profound positive change for many people for a profound positive change, so much is not denying that they created thousands of lost souls, which in hope for awareness extension only in the Undried of their psyche landed, from whose dark corners they hardly or can not even find out again. And who was attentive, which also spurted the rare moments in Basel, where the narrow border between the subjective and objective exploration of consciousness and an esoteric who entangled in the never-ending search for the meaning in life was unclear.

Hard is: Pharmacologically speaks LSD already homooopathic. Already enjoy a few thousandstel grams to bring the human system into a highly excited condition. From 100 micrograms, the good chances of resting through all the doors of perception to boards. The separation between individual consciousness and auxer world is lifted by a high dose LSD. As that is experienced, the person depends: the one call that then "Oceanic feel", the others "Feeling of irreversible madness".

Galth of Alex Gray to the 100. Birthday from Albert Hofmann.

That despite these dangers not only LSD, but also the other psychedelic drugs such as Psilocybin (the main active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms) have earned a place in society, from the point of view of most speakers and around 2000 visitors in addition to the therapeutic benefit also founded in it that living together and with the earth in such a jammable state that only a change in the consciousness of the individual from the crisis drove.

From the cosmic therapy

About the wrong path of the uncontrolled delivery of LSD to anyone, there was extensive unity on the Congress. However, it was discussed, however, how a controlled intake could look out even away from the treatment of psychopathological indicators. The Swiss therapist Manuel Schoch, for example, spoke of three circumstances people: sick, normal, healthy. And healthy is only the one who can also integrate accessories with spiritual premiums into his life.

At this point, it became clear that LSD is still not only regarded as a therapeuticism, but also as a sacral substance. This has always asked the insistence of a Christian-rational society. The classic "Psychedelic" has been hoping since the 60s that the potential spiritual experience catalyzed by a high dose LSD has healing effects on human life. The now over 100-year anniversaries also put it in his congress contribution again and again in the series of "Holy drugs" like mexican mushrooms, their ingestion necessarily need a sacral framework to indirect the individual. While this is given in indigenous people through the use of shamans, Western culture does not only ring in the Drug LSD with integration into society. The shamanistic is so diametrically opposed to the rational world view of the industrialized nations, that even on the congress could only be shown in Blessances, as the benefits of this system could be used here as well.

Psychedelic research is therefore trying to prove that the highly active substances have not only earned their place in society, but the company even needs to improve the critical state of the planet. Since the EUPhoric 60s, at this point, the border to transcendent elevation pasms is blurred at this point in the alternative scene of the USA.

Much new, so you have to attest, the US apologists of the clear light and the eternal "BREAK ON THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE" not to report in Basel. Worse, in one of the seminars, the present Court supplier of Timothy Leary for his merits was celebrated to have supplied the scene over the years with LSD. The literature on the subject (Martin Lee: "ACID DREAMS") It is now that, like many other dealers, he also worked primarily for his economic advantage and also sold STP (strip name for Dom, Dimethoxymethylamphetamine) to the Hell`s Angels, which further distributed the hallucinogen. In any case, the rough, societal ACID revolution, which has not only shown this part of the event, is a bursted soap bubble, it became another note of cultural history.

How far can and must be limited to the abuse of psychoactive substances, so that their benefits above weigh? Because LSD like other drugs is always a commodity, so the answer of the social scientist Gunther Amendt in Basel, the drug problem never completely loosen ("The performance sport will never recover his ‘innocence’ again"To). But there are no good times for a new beginning of the drug policy. Repression is currently again en voque, the "Was on drugs" Despite the insight that this is in the first line "A means of US Aufen policy" is still model for all global drug policies.

Another open question is: do not exist other, gentle techniques of engagement in human consciousness to get to this rejoice?? Not for nothing has come from the seed of the Fruhen "Psychedelic movement" A wide-hearted tree developed: the ocological departure, sects, parts of the women’s movement, meditation, the influence of eastern wisdom teachings, yoga — many of those who made good experiences with LSD turned to spater alternative methods that were not always attached to their own awareness, but often easier capable, but not less important changes in the outside world brought. Already the Anarcho-Hippie Alan Watts advised: "As soon as you get the message, hang up the phone."

Albert Hofmann itself lives this. He has developed into a natural mystic, who in the manifested scope act "God" sees. "If the doors of perception are open once, then you do not need LSD anymore." In the media has been closed again and again if Hofmann has become so old for despite or because he has taken LSD a few times. His own answer greatly different: Let’s point out pragmatically that he had a life with and one without LSD, then to scientifically compare. Another time he points to his lives: "I had the grace to keep open senses." Another gauge answer he gave on the LSD Congress. He became every day "Push a raw egg to a delicious foam and mix it with Bircher Musli".

His coarsely merit may not be the synthesis of the LSD, but the lived connection of scientific and spiritual worldview. And possibly theest step for all interested parties to see that the truths from the two worldviews can not be reduced.


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