Europe of the regions vs. Europe of the nation states

Europe of the regions vs. Europe of the nation states

Sven Knoll. Image: Bayern party

Sven Knoll, the chairman of the Sud-Tyrolean freedom, expects a little from a new government in Rome and calls for a Secession Referendum to Scottish Model

In the Sudtiroler Landtag, at the last choice, three of the 35 seats to the Sud-Tyrolean freedom, which would relyed on the strongest parties and print with the unfamiliar hyphen in the framework that they advocate for a reunification of Tyrol (cf. Independence party clearly to choose in South Tyrol). Your chairman and faction leader Sven Knoll was Participant in the General Assembly of the European Free Alliance (EFA), where he was a part of the Telepolis for an interview.

Mr. Knoll — "Sven Knoll", This is not the typical name you imagine for a Sudtiroler.

Sven Knoll: Yes, my parents had a slope at unusual name. But it also hangs together with family history. Virginide comes my family from the Zillertal and obedience to the group of Tirolers, the beginning of 19. Century to Silesia "have been emigrated", Because they were Protestants. At the end of the Second World War, my gross mother was expelled from Silesia and came to Northern Germany, my mother then had back to Tirol. In Germany, many people believe that the Sud-Tyrolean freedom a branch of the FPO goods, but they are not in their European parliament fraction, but in a completely different, the EFA.

Sven Knoll: Because the liberal in Sudtirol often confused with the Sud-Tyrolean freedom. The Sud-Tiroler Freedom has as a central theme the self-determination right of the Volker and is above all a liberal exercise, which is patriotic, but not in the sense of nationalist — which distinguishes us from the liberal in Sudtirol. Otherwise we maintain contacts with all parties in Austria.

"The decision should take the people"

From the Sudtirolian People’s Party, the SVP, they differ from a stronger will to selfishness, or?

Sven Knoll: Exactly. The Sudtiroler Volkspartei has resigned to be with Italy. We say that is a decision that the ultimately needs to meet the people. We believe that it is not beneficial to Sudtirol economically and politically, it is important to Italy — and we were buried a reunification of Tyrol, but this decision should meet the people. We hovers a vote, as it has been carried out, for example, in Scotland. Therefore, because we are convincing that this Europe, as it is set up today, this Europe of the nation states (unfortunately removed from the idea of a Europe of the Volker and Regions) will not work. Spat at the latest when the next economic crisis comes. We believe that Europe can only grow together where it also commemorates: on the border regions, not over the main yard. If you are serious with Europe and if you say it seriously with a domestic boundary Europe, then it must be possible that new regions make up within this internal boundless Europe that regions change from one state to another, as long as you continue together under this joint Roof Europe remains.

Government in Italy

Keyword next economic crisis: There we are right in government education in Italy. The SVP has worked with the PD, which now seems excluded from power. How are the other parties who have a chance to have the formation of a government to Sudtirol?

Sven Knoll: This is a choice between Pest and Cholera, if you want to put it in a nutshell. No matter if that is the Funf Star Movement or the Lega is (which coales with Berlusconi and the ultrafaschist Fratelli d’Italia): Both groupings are looking forward to an exit from the EU and an exit from the euro. Whatever the impact on Sudtirol, and what had been such a government formation for impact on the European financial market, everyone can color themselves. This is confirmed in our position that the attributes of Sudtirol to the Italian State always represents uncertainty. Political, economical — and culturally anyway. Image 1 of 18

Separatists, autonomists, regionalists

Europe of the regions vs. Europe of the nation states

All photos: Claus Jahnel could not do the Lega, which propagates more folderalism, not also Sudtirol more selfishness?

Sven Knoll: The Lega is a piercing movement for itself, and she has in some regions quite representatives, which are serious with this folderalism — but they coalies with Central State Parties. If the Lega has to put on a table with these parties, then only little remains from stockalism at the end of the day. This also show the times when the Lega was with the government and worked with the powers who have not shown minority-friendly. Which all have set to strong centralism in Italy. [see. Italy: The story is repeated] Luigi di Maio said last week, the chance of a coalition from the M5s and the Lega lying at zero, when the Lega does not separate from the Forza Italia. And Lega boss Matteo Salvini did hints that he might do without Silvio Berlusconi. Goods a coalition from M5s and Lega — so without Forza Italia and without Fratelli d’Italia — one that could get more fodderism?

Sven Knoll: It is important to us that the Sudtiroler representatives in the Romische Parliament are not involved in the Italian everyday policy, but are block-free. An important accusation that we have directed to the SVP was that she has bound to the PD, because that’s what the risk brings with it that the Sudtiroler stands on the losing side when this party loses. Caught, along. In recent years, Sudtirolian MPs were often the Zunglein on the scales. That’s, I think the Sudtiroler strong — and you should continue to play. Is the optimal output of the government training a pre-election election?

Sven Knoll: The optimal output was when Italy got us to leave Italy. But I believe in new elections nothing was changed. With the current option then — with small shifts — the same results come out. Italy also has so gross problems — economically and with the north-sud fall — that every party that was really tailored to the next choice was crammed off the elections. Because that became enormous tax threats, an escortic ratation, a redesign of political landscape. No one will do that. You always do so as before. This is also a gross economic danger because Italy has lived for decades of investing in its own economy and a slim efficient state, but the Italian preservation, the Lira, to be deducted. Thus one was competitive against other states. That does not work for the euro now — and the question is how long can that continue.

Connection of minorities in Europe

See the other Italian regional parties in the EFA — in the Friuli Party Patrie Furlane, in the Aosta Valley Party Alpe, in the Sicilian L’Altro Sud, in the League Veneta Repubblica — Bundnispartner? Could berry the Lega when she becomes incredible at the government?

Sven Knoll: I believe that are very regional parties. No parties that could play on government — and who probably do not want to play there. However, the connection of minorities in Europe is important. If you look at Europe, there are much more people and regions than from states. I believe it is important that these minorities have to cooperate, cooperate and have a common voice in the European Parliament. Although there is currently a committee of the regions in the European Parliament. But that is politically completely meaningless. The policy is made only by nation states — and basically only a few nation states -. There are the interests of minorities — even their economic interests — simply below. If one compares the situation of minorities, then they often have the same problems: their own native language, a local administration. If these problems are made together, you can also get better.

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