Greece in front of an uncertain future

Greece in front of an uncertain future

The parliamentary debate. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Where is the journey?

On the question "what’s new?" There are usually an answer to the situation of the nation in the Athens of the crisis. It is clear that the euro is the dominant topic. "I’m not a lover of drachms, others are bound to the euro sick", The Syriza deputy Kostas Lapavitsas responds to the prospects of the country. Lapavitsas did not like the euro at all the price.

Parliamentary Program Zoe Konstantopoulou emphasizes that for her life more than the rights of lender. Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis, on the other hand, must submit new proposals to the Eurogroup.

So far, the measures are rejected as a complete package. This ongoing delicate party introduces that a possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone is being discussed again and again.

The trip to Russia

In addition, it is consulted whether the journey of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his coalition partner, the Minister of Defense Panos Kammenos, can bring something positive to Russia.

Greece in front of an uncertain future

Tsipras in his speech in front of the parliament. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Finally, Cyprus had found himself at the end of Marz 2013 until early April 2013 in a similar location like Greece now. The Cypriots had first refused to follow the requirements of the euro group. The banks of the island had been closed and remained it until the government’s serve in Nicosia.

Cyprus, like Greece, has numerous natural gas deposits in front of his custs. The insulaners had attempted to win Putin as a donor and demanding partner. That’s exactly what Kammos now liked to try the Russians after presenting an offer to jointly use the Agais in the USA. With seventy percent for the Greeks and traws for the receiving partner, the natural gas deposits should be grew.

The hat is very promising, but has a hook. For a corresponding usage contract, the Greeks had to place an international tender as an EU state. Because they will move months into the country, hardly it can be expected that the sale or participation in borebreaks in Agais quickly brings money into the state banks.

How long is the money and wofur?

With regard to the information on how long the government in Athens still has liquid funds, the notifications are almost constantly. The news agency Reuters reported that there are still money to 9. April in the cash register gives, the Greek government demented promptly.

The central accounting of the state rifled that it spat no cash inflow from abroad at the age of 15.5. no single euro more for the public hand greece. It also raises the question of what the government will pay until then and not.

So far, the lenders are serviced with regard to the falling repayment rates BRAV, while the State remains as guilty the refund of VAT exporters as well as numerous other domestic obligations. But especially with the exporters, this is fatal. You can not pass on the Domestic Raw Materials or further processed VAT of twenty-three percent to the customers abroad.

In the manufacturing sector, the amount of tax to be reimbursed by the State is mostly high than the company profit of the finished product. Such an amounts had to be financed via bank loans. However, banks are kept short with regard to their liquidity of the ECB so that the state has no access to. Thus, neither importers nor exporters can receive financial resources.

The companies from abroad fear also that the Greeks can not pay their goods in the Community food when leaving the Eurozone. Therefore, in advance of the delivery, they exist in advance of the delivery and express the otherwise often surely commission of Rigoros. There is already missing on the Greek market. The Ministry of Finance is well aware that the company lacks the liquiditation at all corners and ends.

It is known that many employees receive their salary only with significant delay. In connection with a taxation of the mobile phones or credit cards provided by companies for employees therefore, the Ministry also recedged a further scheme: the employer’s share of payroll taxes and other duties is also sometimes fally if the employee is still his wage because of the monetary problems of the employer not received.

Basically, this means everything that it could first come first to the total complaint of the Greek real economy before the state goes out the air.

Greece in front of an uncertain future

Protest of the morning red against the anti-racism day. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Tumult in and around the parliament

Again, this is a parallel to the situation on Cyprus 2013. Also there, the companies under the prere of the EU and ECB went into their knees before the state had to contract a payment stop for foreign debtors.

In contrast to Cyprus, where the parties related to the first phase of resistance to EU claims, the parties in Greece are rotting irritant. A parliamentary debate on Monday should give the party feet the opportunity to take care of the situation of the nation. TsiPras completed in his three talks about the progress of the negotiations with the EU, his view of the options of the state and the worries from the perspective of the government.

Opposition drivers Antonis Samaras, on the other hand, threw with force expression. He was a man, he likes to know the plenary. The inner states had been overflowed illegal immigrants since the approach of Syriza with hordes, he toned. The fact that TsiPras released the Fruheren government consultant Samaras’ Stavros Papastavrou as a potential tax meaning and appropriate documents to the protocol manager of Parliament brought the Fruheren Premier to the female glow.

Unpras had identified the entries of the entrance accounts Papastavrou on the Lagard list with customers of a Swiss bank as a reason for the certificate of the transaction government identifies these lists to surprise these lists.

Greece in front of an uncertain future

Opposition drivers Antonis Samaras. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Samaras did not want to leave this unanswered and he talked about the abundance of the University of Athens occupied anarchists as "a danger for democracy." This could take advantage of the Golden Morgenrote. For Samaras Duktus right-wing extremric sound, the General Secretar of the Socialist and Nationalist-minded party spoke rather gentle. Nikos Michaloliakos has been released as well as his vice christos pappas because of exceeding the admissible highest term of the custody.

Michaloliakos criticized Tsipras with no word. He did not divide criticism of Samaras and former Vice Premier Venizelos. Both though he threw, though in mobilized words, betrayed to the Greeks. The new tactic of the right-wing extremists is to correctly speak correctly to the on the 20th. April starting process against the complete party footing on Samaras as a true extremists. The thus faded was then provided with Parliamental Program Konstantopoulou word habits, where he completely lost Contentance.

What the incurred opposition parties say

The PASOK merged through its party footer on Abrufhr Evangelos Venizelos that it is not charged, the government "On your catastrophic course" to support. Of the above opposition parties, only Stavros Theodorakis from the Social Democratico to Potami on the offer Tsipras to cooperate in the crisis. Theodorakis caraudel with that TsiPras set the left-flying avalanche of Syriza off the matt and could send the coalition partner to the devil.

Then Theodorakis liked to enter a coalition. Quasi as a gift to Tsipras, Charis Theocharis supplied a proof of the premiere of the Premier. The former supreme tax impact of the country and presented MPs of To Potami confirmed that the lists of the tax annulment were not exuberantly due to the influence of the political leadership of the Government of Samaras.

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