The fbi warns about the millennium change

The year 2000 problem could be a blame for radical groups

In a report that the Washington Post was allocated, the FBI warns the American police macers before the mobility hurt during the millennium. There was evidence that groups of religious extremists, racists or appendants of conspiracy theories about the new world order aming that the UN is aiming for the world to prepare for violence.

For example, members of the groups Christian Identity, Black Hebrew Israelites and Odinism have already acquired weapons, gather foods and clothes hoarding, collecting funds, buying secure houses and look for goals to exploit an existing apocalyptic mood to the millennium turn. Recommended is the police keeping radical groups to observe whether they create weapons or food reserves. Although it is not predicted that in fact something will happen, but you want to draw attention to this possibility. Sybillinically, it is said in the report, it is also likely that Connecting the millennium turning to take place than that no.

The report points out that the year-2000 problem could be a blame for extreme groups. If, due to the year 2000 problem, it should come to electricity failure or other problems, which can be explained to most people rationalize, but radical group or individuals could also consider such events as a sign that the end of the world close to or That a consortment is in progress: "The threat of terrorists who act due to events associated with the year 2000 problem is very real", warns the report. The merger of apocalyptic religious ideas with consorting theories is an explosive mixture.

The report is the result of a nine-month examination under the name "Project Megiddo" ran. In the foreground, groups were in the US, but the FBI also points to potential approach in Jerusalem, which could lead to problems in the US and around the world. Some groups were already entrenched to Israel to prepare for violently at the end of times.

Neil Gallagher, the head of the FBI department for national security, said it was important after a long time to pay attention to the positive consequences of the year 2000 error, now also focus on the unusual masses of interpretation those people of random events on or around the 1. January explain, and also to the role that the Internet can play in the fast spread of information.


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