The victims of the liberation

A new study estimates the number of Iraqis who embubed their lives due to the war to about 460.000

The number will first hold in the reporting: from SCated 460.800 dead are rounded 500.000 dead, so half a million, which would probably report in reporting on Iraq and the Iraq war in the period from 2003 to 2011 as a reasonable sacrificial number. In contrast, it is a statement of the research team, after which the number of dead, which were caused by the war in Iraq, with 95% probability between 48.000 and 751.000 people lies. The establishment of facts that are related to a war is difficult as the example of the determination of victim numbers in the Iraq war.

So far, the 2006 Lancet report was a multi-cited reference (War cost 650.000 people in Iraq Life), often the numbers of the website IRAQ Body Count are used. There is currently the number of violence Civilian with a treasure between 114.973 and 126.121 specified. The paying period extends from 2003 to the present. The basis is trustwurried messages — single-sourced reports specified and listed.

In the meantime, treasures caused a million deaths for attention, so in 2008 (Iraq war: hundred thousand or one million deaths victims?To). The war was not enough and the numbers had political meaning. The more than was remembered, that the Pentagon has long refused to take note of numbers of toten Iraqi civilians.

The study of a team of American, Canadian and Iraqi researchers published in the scientist magazine PLOS had the intention of "Heterogeneous and controversy" Procedural estimates a new opposition covering a coarse period (from 2003 to 2011) and not just the victims that have been caused directly by violence, but also by indirect effects.

Such indirect effects, such as pension notes, have not been covered in scientific studies, so the authors who formulate a remarkable rate in this context: "War is a Major Public Health problem."

The basis of their principal calculations determined the study authors from 2.000 selected households from 100 regions in Iraq, distributed over the 18 Iraqi governorates. The selection was made via a grid, which was laid on Google Maps, in each quadrant was then determined above randomly generated numbers of the respective household. Thus one wanted to prevent the interviewer as in early investigations easier to achieve households. Another difference to earlier investigations employed when the war was not yet finished is that now all regions were accessible.

It was then asked which war victims had to complain about the respective household and ask questions about the fate of siblings of the living there. From the given numbers material a quotient was determined — the number of dead per year per thousand persons ("Crude Death Rate") — which was multiplied by the quarry Iraqi population.

The inaccuracies are obvious, which already begins with the information on the Bevolzungsgrobe, which are inaccurate themselves in peacetry. The result of the estimates are 405.000 Tote from 2003 to mid-2011. There are also treasured 56.000 who are not in official numbers due to the escape.

Due to the information determined, the research team estimates that about 20 percent of the dead in a household came to life by war-caused violence. This number will be placed further:

Violent Deaths Were Attributed Primarily to Coalition Forces (35%) And Militia (32%). The Majority (63%) of Violent Deaths Were from Gunshots. Twelve Percent Were Attributed to Car Bombs. Based on the Responses from Adults in The Surveyed Households Who Reported on the Alive-Or-Dead Status of Their Siblings, The Researchers Estimated The Total Number of Deaths Among Adults Aged 15-60 Years, from March 2003 to June 2011, to Be Approximately 376,000; 184,000 of Theses Deaths Were Attributed To The Conflict, And of Those, The Authors Estimate That 132,000 Were Caused Directly By War-Related Violence.

It is certain how that already shows that the study critics gives many opportunities for doubt about the soliditat of numbers.

In Marz of this year, the former US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld had drawn the following resume ten years after the US troop invasion of the US troops:

10 years ago, the long, difficult task began to free 25 million Iraqis. All who played a role in history deserve our respect and recognition.

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