British competitor for napster

Ski music.Com wants to offer free but legal MP3 files

The exchange bores for free MP3 data is high in the course despite the running process due to copyright injury. The process first did Napster really prominently. Only recently had the user numbers quadrupled. Of course, there should be someone and have a similar success.

Cyberbritain.Com, a kind of British Yahoo, has a new music portal named Skipmusic.COM started to achieve the success of Napster also for himself. The essential part of the portal was the existing MP3 search engine. The portal is supplemented by news, meetings and articles.

However, with a slightly different model to Napster and other exchange bolts in competition, because one tries not to violate copyright, but nevertheless to guarantee that downloading the files remains free. And what does one fall? Of course, advertising supplied to bring the money to the hardships’.

The MP3 files are locked and should only be played on the required MP3 player if it is possible to place a small advertisement when playing there. Daniel Steidler, editor-in-chief of the portal and myself, says that the doors who are achieved on the advertising are to come in three equal parts to the artists, the record companies and the portal themselves. You can already win some groups and musicians such as Tom Jones for the portal. Mainly but stucco should be offered by musicians without service with record companies.

Benjamin Cohen, head of the new company, said first was one tried to avoid avoiding with MP3, because that deterres the plate companies. But otherwise the goal is, "directly to kick with Napster in competition. But instead of working against the record companies, we cooperate with them to create new and profitable opportunities for the distribution of music on the Internet." Ski be that "New Napster", If you advertise on the website, "Only with a better name". However, the website is largely empty. With the new bands you can only find the one who is a member of the editor-in-chief SteiDler member …

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