Greece: there is a lot on the game

Greece: There is a lot on the game

The previous opposition drivers and favorite Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Endspurt in the election campaign — Mitsotakis (Nea Dimokratia) is favorite. Tsipras must expect a defeat, but he could make life difficult for the new government

The election campaign for the early elections of Parliament on the 7. July goes to the last week. Until Friday, the parties have time to win Wahler. On Saturday, any election campaign is prohibited from midnight. The Greeks should, so wanted the legislators, time for quiet thinking. In early years, the gastronomy companies were closed for this purpose.

In early election campaign, it was ugly that the straws and housewarms were glued in the country with posters of the parties. This is also a thing of the past, as the coarse events in which the party feet of the two vocal parties could collect tens of thousands of users around.

Instead they tour them through the province and try to load from house to house and from shop to address a lot of Wahler personnel. In the last week of the election campaign, the central speeches of the party feet in Athens are also.

Favorite is the Nea Dimokratia

The conservative NEA DIMOKRATIA goes with security bordering probability on Sunday, the 7. July 2019, as an election winner from the pre-drawn parliamentary elections. For many observers, it is only about whether it manages opposition drivers Kyriakos Mitsotakis to achieve the absolute majority of seats in parliament. The Greek suffrage applicable for these elections provides that the vocalest party will receive 50 bonus seats in the 300 parliamentarian Vouli Ton Ellinon on Syntagma Square.

Fofi Gennimata, Chairman of the Pasok Succession Party Kinal, on the campaign tour. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

Depending on how many parties the locking clause of three percent exceed, the absolute majority of parliamentary percentages in the magnitude of 34 to 35 percent range from. The less of the small parties create the hurde, the gross are the opportunities for the Nea Dimokratia.

In addition to the party of Yanis Varoufakis, Mera25, the Right Populist Small Party Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) can move into parliament. The latter apparently mobilizes the electoral potential of the National Socialist Golden Morgenrote, which is listed in surveys close to the locking clause. The Union, which has so far in parliament, of the centrists under Vassilis Leventis has, the surveys according to, only outer opportunities.

Of the parliamentary parties of the past legislative period, the independent Greeks and Potami no longer occur. Safe in parliament is next to the NEA Dimokratia and Syriza the Pasok Succade Party Kinal and the Communist Party of Greece.

In total, twenty parties occur to election. The Plevsi Eleftherias of the Fruheren Parliamentary Program Zoe Konstantopoulou has lost as well as the anti-capitalist left cooperation for the overthrowment (ANT.Ar.SY.A).

the "Greeks okologists" of the right-nationally acting Demostheni Vergis is obedient to the parties who always compete with elections, but never have a chance. The organization of the Communist Internists (OKDE) is also a splinter party like the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Greece, which has expressed its election list union with the Communist Party of Greece — Marxists Leninists. The Ellinon Syneleusis of the detainable Artemis Sorras, who allegedly has a three-digit billions, hardly finds.

Greece: There is a lot on the game

Premier Tsipras has every reason to be skeptical. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

The Popular Unity, founded in August 2015 by a scarce third of Syriza’s parliamentarians in the dispute over the Swing Tsipras to austerity price, can hardly reach one percent of the Wahler. Finally, the Recreation Now, the Bundnis EPAM ackle and the sym … Phon’s political parties. There are only money from the budget of state party financing if more than 1.5 percent are achieved in elections. Therefore, the smaller parties try to maintain their workplaces, at least to achieve this goal.

Despite election obligations, a very small participation is expected

To the uncertainty factors for a prediction of the output of the elections, the election participation. Many have already booked their summer holidays, they can only travel to the places where they are registered as a welfare. In Greece, election obligation, there is no possibility of postal voting. Foreign Greetals can only be elections if you travel in your home place for your home.

The injury of elective ballot is no longer sanctioned as sooner. Theoretically, a voting dispenser may be denied the passport or employment in public service. Only those who can prove a valid reason is freed from elective. To the Teviligen Grunden also pays on election day at a distance of several hundred kilometers to the polling station.

Customs are registered in their birthplaces. Drag the later, you have the possibility to register at the new place of residence as a foreign player. Then you will learn about ten days before choosing whether at least 40 mussels have registered from the same electoral district at your place of residence. Only then can you election at the place of residence. Another alternative is the relocation of the election rights, which is only possible after two years of detectable residence in the new electoral district.

Greece: There is a lot on the game

Kinal Chair Fofi Gennimata. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

This system advects the foreign locators from close to the new place of residence, as well as the residents of Grobstadt. Whoever pulls from a small town into a distant little place, can hardly put on the at least 40 mussels from his hometown as neighbors.

It will predict a very low turnout. This in turn makes the already difficult predictions of opinion research institutes even more uncertain. The Chairman of the parties strive for their travels across the country, their appendant to convince of the importance of the premises.

At the same time, opposition drivers Kyriakos promises Mitsotakis as one of the first laws to change the electoral law in such a way that Greeks may attend their current place of residence and foreign greece without journey home at elections.

"… then the Greeks have to choose from in midsummer"

Mitsotakis liked if he finds the necessary two-thirds majority in parliament, another PAS of the election right. Tsipras had capped the 50 bonus seats and introduced a matter of opinion. Because he did not receive the necessary 200 votes in Parliament for this reform, the law he initiated is valid for the Ubernachsten elections.

These were necessary if Mitsotakis does not achieve the absolute majority, nor a coalition partner finds. According to law, the three vocal-strongest parties have three days to work for three days to form a government. Fail, then the state prassident reverses one of the top judges as a premier.

Within a maximum of traway days there was new elections. "If I do not get a majority, the Greeks must be in the middle of midsummer to 15. August again", NAMES MITSOTACISIS. "That’s Errreng and Panikmache", Reply the politicians of Syriza.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Photo: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

The majority differences in parliament are also important for a further election. At the beginning of 2020, the Greek Parliament elects a new state president. There are 180 votes in the first ballot 200 and in the following two rounds to be removed within five days of the round. If the choice fails, then it comes to a parliamentary resolution and new elections.

The barrier minority, which Tsipras could be useful

In addition, the upcoming parliamentary investment must absorb the long-term eligibility proposal of the past legislative period. Among them is also the cancellation of the automatic parliamentary resolution at a failed prasident election.

Again, there are friction required for the longitudinities. The reform of the article on the choice of the prasident had received more than 180 votes in the past legislative period, can thus be segregated in the next one with more than 150.

Reform suggestions that have received less than 180 votes of the past parliamentary investment, then need them in the new legislative period. If the string reform fails, as last 2008, then delete a few years and elections to the country until a new reform can be tackled.

The beginning of the segregation have secured their work equally several times against wantonal amendments by temporary parliamentary information. In obsolete articles, however, this proves to be a boomerang against necessary reforms. Reforms of the emergence reached so far in 1986 and 2001.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has to expect a defeat, but can achieve a free minority with a good result, which Mitsotakis will make life difficult.


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