Racism and crisis in russia

Economic decline and increase racist resentment are currently in hand in Russia

Since the global financial crisis has captured Russia, the psychiatrists and psychologists of the state had to engage overtime. The everyday insanity of the seemingly "rational" Market economy suggests in the increasing mabe also in the psyche of the generally competing and survival fighting "Market" low. Latest surveys of the Moscow Serbski Center for Psychiatry, Russia’s psychiatrists have been seeing an increase in the number of patients by 10% since October, the Russian psychotherapist can even be happy about 20% higher visitor maritime. The director of the Serbski Center, Tatjana Dmitrijewa, warned of another "Neurotization" man by the market economy, allegedly natural and human beings, should continue to be "left alone" feel. According to Dmitrijewa, a telephone hotline operated by the Serbski Center, according to Dmitrijewa, has also been aware of a lively interest, with particularly unemployed people being threatened to use this free psychological care.

At least the Russian telephony care will not go out as fast as the work, as the latest figures rose by 20% between October 2008 and January 2009 alone. Officially, there are currently 1.5 million Russian State Burger unemployed, but even Prasident Dimitri Medvedev had to admit that the official figures enter only part of real unemployment, as not all the busy labor markets have also been reported.

The other forecasts are also dauster. According to the information of the Russian Ministry of Social Affairs, Russia should be the 350.000 people soon lose their job. In order to limit this wave to mass-tangible, Russia’s companies are also going to destroy their employees short-time work, or send them to vacation. Of these measures are now 450.000 Russian wage dependents affected.

Still in the summer of 2008, Russia’s top politicians saw their country largely immune to the disturbances of the financial crisis, but now it is foreseeable that Russia is very difficult to hit particularly difficult. The Russian stock market has broken down in half a year de facto collapsed. If the Russian equity index RTS was in May 2008 at 2400 numbers, this guide index now dumps just over 500 points. This collapse was accelerated by the massive deduction foreign, western capital from the Russian financial market, which was looking for refuge in the safe home port due to the crisis. So far, 74 billion capital from the Russian financial market were deducted. Several times the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance had to intervene in order to rely on pockets to buy shares in criticism, or prevent the rubles to prevent. Russia’s oligarchy had to accept losses in recent months. Increased value in the nominal value of at least 230 billion US dollars have already begun the Russian super-rich, as the news agency Bloomberg reported:

So the previously richest Russian, aluminum magnatar Deripaska, has more than 16 billion. Dollar booked. In the past week he gave shares in the construction company HOCHTIEF AG and the car supplier Magna International Inc. again. Even gross are the losses for the Fubball Club Owner Abramovich, whose money is mainly in the steel group EVRAZ Group SA. The 41-year-old has — without consideration of real estate ownership and liquid funds — 20 billion. Dollar lost.

The Russian energy empire fluctuates

The free fall of raw material prices invisibly brought the raw material sector in a surprise, which actually acted as a central support of the Russian economy and a central role in the Geopolitical Strategy of Russian designed by Putin "Energy Enerium" play. These tendencies were given by a — told — "profit-oriented" Economic course of aqueous raw material companies. Many of these companies did not form a backlash, but shook their profits as dividends to the shareholders. On the 10th. For example, October dear, for example, TNK-BP has its total revenue of the first half of the year of two billion US dollars. Already on 24. September wrote four OL companies a beggar letter to Putin, in which they demanded interest-bearing bonds to form their investment. The total value of the Russian OL companies is now just $ 128 billion, so that Brazilian Olfirma Petrobas is now highly rated at $ 135 billion! www.Laender analyzes.DE / RUSSIA / PDF / RUSSIA ANALYSEN171.pdf

The substantial raw material prices are now leaving the most important source of income of the Kremlin, which could record up-to-foreign exchange revenue from the export of energy carriers in recent years. In various reserve funds, the Russia has a habited on hundreds of billions of dollars on the surprise of recent years. The billions-heavy interventions for — already discontinued — the ruble of the ruble, the various essentials for Russian banks or energy companies and the falling tax revenues together with the increasing social spending can now be melting these reserves.

The Russian state budget, who has always rejected a surplus in the last decade, was allowed to record a thick minus in the coming years. Russia’s Premier Vladimir Putin already has an episis of the budget for 2009, as the forecasts were underbuilt from the reality of the energy carrying exports from the Realitat. The Russian Olmsminium, that 40% of the Safe’s business has contributed to Russian budget, originated from an Olpreis of $ 95, but has fallen below $ 40 to the US dollar. Thus, this year was the Russian budget deficit between FUNF and 7% of the country’s gross national product.

In the end effect, foreign exchange revenue from the export of raw materials and energy carriers formed the most important propellant of the Russian economy in recent years. Currently, the Russian real estate bubble collapses, which acted as another — fueled by the foreign exchange revenue — economy motor. Real estate prices have already fallen by 30 percent, which is why the construction industry is a strong order breakdown a state utility sees the purchase of 40.000 apartments to brake the free fall of the housing prize. Apparently dramatic is the location on the once booming, double-digit growth rates, Russian vehicle market. Sale of new vehicles could break up to 50% this year. At the end of December, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Economic Minister Andrei Klepach had to surrender that the Russian Federation is in a recession, and that this downturn would continue for a long time: "I burred, it will not be over in the next two quarters", so klepach.

Social tensions and growing violence of right-wing extremists

This recession meets a deeply socially cleaved society, as the abyss between the neural elite from oligarchy and high citizenships has grown heavily in recent years, and the majority of population on the other side in recent years. The arrears of the richest tenth of the Russian society overstood the poorest tenth in 2000 by 14 times; In 2008, this difference was already 17 times.

The surgical explosion of the private and state oligarchy of Russia also distorts the statistics as apparently rapidly rising others, as RIA-Novosti in an analysis exported: the average wage (2007: 12 500 rubles or $ 500) is by no means the majority of population in Russia, "Because he is composed of the supergazeds of a dun layer of top civil servants and the low loves and bars of the most predominant part of the workforce population". Finally, the "successes" of the Kremlin in poverty fighting coarsely part on statistical cosmetics.

It lived far more than the officially paid 15 percent of Russians below the subsistence minimum, in a short time the boss of the Russian Fertility Council, Sergei Mironow, leaved: "The official statistics significantly reduces the mab of poverty within the Russian population. Real is not less than a third of the Russian arm." The Kremlin does not seem to trust his own statistics. On the 10th. November, Medvedev gave the country’s police force took the Uka’s to be tackled against social unrest: "If someone tries to exploit the consequences of the financial crisis, the actions must intervene and charge the prosecution", Since there is nothing else "order" More.

Meanwhile, Russia’s extreme rights are striking, the unsettled and "neurotized" BeVoberfuhrischen guilty guilty for the collapse of the capitalist "order" to deliver. For years, racist violence in Russia has been increasing in worrying discharge, immigrants will sacrifice brutal surfalling of several 10.000 members paying, right-wing radical groups. In Moscow alone, 47 foreigners in fascist surpasses died, 48 were sometimes seriously injured. This was an increase in legal radical violence by 300% against the previous year.

In the Russian Federation, 113 people of fascist violence are to be sacrificed last year, 340 were injured. In 2007, 74 dead and 320 injured to complain. In most cases, working immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia are under the victims. Again and again, Bestial Case Right Radical Economic Excesses are becoming public who exhausted the Russian publicity. In mid-December, for example, seven members of a youthful Skinheadbande in Moscow were convicted, which have killed 20 immigrants in recent months. In December, some Russian human rights organizations received e-mails from right-wing-radical groups that contained photos of a key Tajik immigrant. The Moscow police could confirm the authenticity of these gruesome pictures and find the victim for some time later. A popular propagandamote of the Russian rights is also to put videos from the murder of immigrants to the Internet.

Russian non-governmental organizations show themselves extremely concerned about this increase of fascist violence. The Moscow Sova Center, which has committed itself to the evaluation of xenophobia and racism, even premomsed a veritable wave of racist surprises, as fascist groups stressed to make foreigners responsible for economic difficulties. Often activists of right-wing radical groups occur as "Protector" the local population, which decided against "Foreign criminals" want to do. In so-called "Self-defense groups" organized, the right-wing radicals go against everyone who does not fit into their racist worldview.

Also in Russia’s media is often the risk of increasing "Alternative criminal" reported, as many of the Caucasian and Central Asian immigrants found a job in Russian construction — and are now massively dismissed due to the rusted real estate bubble. Thus, the upgraded Russian daily newspaper reported, the Komsomolskaya pravda, that now a veritable right "explosion" from violence and crimes on the part of immigrants. The police admit in four eyes to that once again "hard-working immigrants are increasing" held over water, struck it in the Komsomolskaya Pravda of the 17. November.

After all, at least the supreme state representatives of Russia seem to oppose this boiler. Both head of government Vladimir Putin, as well as Prasident Dimitri Medvedev condemned the above-taking right-wing radical violence with several occasions. Last requested Medvedev on the 20. December on the Russian security service, decided against the right violence: "These are really dangerous crimes and we have to react hard to this", explained the Russian head of state.

But even the governmental news agency ITAR-TASS judged the prospects of the state struggle against right rather skeptical: "Experts believe that the evaporation of this phanyo, which in Russia wins dynamics in Russia, is therefore inefficient because the authorities commit errors and because most Russians make the enmity towards the strangers in the innermost, especially against the background of the swelling Economic crisis."

Racism and xenophobia take too

The boot fascists can actually build on widespread xenophobic resentments in the Russian population. According to appropriate surveys, just 37 percent of Russians believe that it "very important" be to treat people of different descent equal. At the same time, within a few years, the proportion of the Burgers of the Russian Federation, the parole "Russia the Russians" agree from 46 percent to 56 percent. A good third of the survey participants stated that representatives of the "Non-Russian nationalities at all notes of our country" be. One only further questioning revealed that a quarter of the participants involved "Irritability and hostility against these or other people" feel. Further survey results are no less alarming:

According to studies of the Analytical Lewada Center, only funf percent of Russians look at political extremism as a serious threat. At the same time, about 15 percent of the adolescents are convinced that fascism as a worldviewing system even has a positive side, such as surveys of the opinion research institute "Obschesswennoje mnenije" demonstrate. One-third of the interviewed students of a Moscow college believes it was not so bad if Hitler-Germany had defeated the Soviet Union. About ten percent exercise, life in Russia would have gotten better in the case.

Although recently, a more consequent police approach can be detected against right-wing-radical violence, often appeasements and treasures of the problem are widely used by the Russian safety force. For example, the boss of the Moscow militia explained last February that in his city there is no more Nazia and that the number of right-wing extremists be understood in cases. Often, Russian Skinheads, who were involved in obstructions with death, were just not exactly russian justice from the otherwise "hooliganism" sentenced to short prison sentences. Also, the seven skinheads mentioned above, which have 20 people on the conscience, were relatively slippery — the highest punishment was just 10 years imprisonment.

Even political power, which stands close to the Kremlin, the temptation to blame for the rapid worsening economic situation to the immigrants. Officially, the Russian government pursues an anti-fascist policy, so that the Kremlin youth organizations like the "Nashi" (The Unrefigen) — founded in response to the Orange Revolution by Kremlin — are committed to the fight against racism. But the realitat often looks very different.

So organized the "United Russia young guard", as well as the Around Moscow active organization Mestnye (local) regular protests against "illegal immigration". Both are closely cooperating with the Kremlin and also financed youth movements. So patrolled members of "Mestnye" the Moscow market to "illegal" to search. the "Young guard" On the other hand, on 19 wanted. January at the Kazan station in Moscow the incoming train from Central Asia with xenophobic transparent. The activists related to Kremlin designated immigrants as thieves and demanded "Russian money only for Russians" go out. A number of counter demonstrators who wanted to end this nationalist spook for an end to the end of the massive Prasenz-pointing Omon Special Police was custody .

Although in the first few weeks of this year in Moscow already 13 trap on foreigners have been paid, where seven people came to death, Russia’s safety powers still seem to put the well-known, false priorities. The temptation, the confused, disoriented person in the face of the crisis can provide a simple, scalcy whitening house, seems too rough for Russia’s elites. The over-foaming racism thus forms the political essence Dervom Moscow Serbski Center for Psychiatry "Neurotization" the people affected by the crisis. It is a crazy ideology that the competition of market buildings to a competition of the "Breed" imaginary.

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