«Morally reprehensible, but not punishable»

On Ebay was one "Original Jews star" Auction from the Nazi period

Like every year before Christmas, this time there is a cheerful bustle in Germany’s most popular online auction house. To be too cheerful for the Honestly-Concerned mailing list, a meanwhile unimaged facility that has made itself the task of drawing attention to anti-Semitism in society and reporting. In the list, a participant describes how she tried to stop an eBay auction in which a ‘original Jew star’ was offered. Without success: The auction ended yesterday noon, shortly after Zwolf.

The picture that appeared on eBay to the auction

According to the article description, this offer was a one "100% original! In this exemption expenses from November 1944 in the General Governor." In the picture was the star to see, plus black and white portrait of an old woman with headscarf and star at the lapel. A coarse picture, in contrast, the text is conceivable. Auber the already cited passage it only means: "For uninsured goods I accept no liability!" And right below "Ofter pure look is worthwhile! Put new cards every day!" cards? Actually, a look into the current offer of the seller proves that Fantasy19 is mainly with old postcards. A wide field, like every woman who has already dared to look into the infinite width of the postcard universe. There is everything from the Black Forest Madel over Constantinople to the boxer uprising everything in there. Because Fruher gladly liked to be used original shots, postcards for historians are valuable sources. Also drawings can be testimony of past times — just think of the exhibition stamped — Jewish postcards currently visible in the Berlin Museum for Communication.

When the participant in the Honestly-Concerned mailing list experienced by the auction, she immediately contacted the strike protection in Berlin — and got told by a friendly gentleman that the auction "morally reprehensible", not be punishable. Because of the DavidStern — in contrast to the swastikrez about — no forbidden symbol. "But since I still believe that the sale of the "Jewstern" not only morally reprehensible, but simply and simply contrary, I immediately called ebay." Finally, eBay himself has imposed a few rules with regard to items with parties to National Socialism.

The aim of eBay Germany is to prevent symbols of National Socialism or. Find items related to National Socialism through commercial recovery entrance to everyday culture.

In addition, eBay did not last "Velvet articles with reference to the Volkermord at the Judian population, in particular articles on Auschwitz and other concentration camps". Clear thing: The ‘original Jew star’ offered by Fantasy19 pays for the ‘Fragwurren articles’ (see the title of the eBay page at the top of the browser); The fabric stars served the label, stigmatization and thus ultimately as the basis for the totung numerous Jews. On the side of Ebay, one promises to look at the auction by closer — can, however, "Do not are one hundred percent that the ‘Jewish star’ is taken out of the assortment".

There is nothing happening. The auction was finished yesterday noon. Airamave7 got the surcharge for 66 euros. eBay press spokesman Joachim Guentert explained opposite Telepolis, which is why Ebay has not stopped the auction prematurely: because the Davidstern is not a prohibited symbol. On the contrary: You can even find it on the Israeli flag. The problem of symbols is not the symbol itself, but rather the fact that they are enriched by the viewer with meaning. And only because the Davidstern had been abused in the third rich, resulting from eBay "No concrete Losch guideline". On the discussion, whether in this case you do not have to do with a very special use of the symbol, guentert does not want to get involved. "Otherwise, we will always make the accusation of censorship, we had led to this article, had giving himself by giving someone from the Judian community of Daruber, that there is something underprinted," so guentert. The decision was not made easy — but in the end, it had been convinced that in this case no rules are violated.

But I’m shattered how one tries to make money even today with relics from the Nazi time

From the newsletter

Finally, a small excursus in the history of the two trading partners:

The buyer — this gives a visit to the rating profile of Airamave7 — had already been in the past with Fantasy19 to do. On eBay Nothing unusual: one acts together, is satisfied, and meets again. Especially when the one offered with gross regularity what the other addiction. Historical shots and postcards for example. Fantasy19 has obviously specialized. And airamave7 seems to maintain a passion for original image material from past times: postcards of synagogues, Jews and photos of the boxer uprising around 1900 could already get hold of airamave7. The latter for proud 372 euros at Fantasy19.

At first glance, only the postcards of Brigitte Bardot — but behold: the picture does not show the French femme fatal, but rather a lot of brown shirts with swast crosses on Armel. The Mismatch could have the reason that the seller post-woman — not the eBay picture service is used, but the pictures for auction on a website of its choice Well possible that he used the same name from organizational grunden and again the same name for sterly changing pictures — the Brigitte Bardot photo auction was coming to an end beginning.

However, the Bardot HJ Alliance is really bizarre, if you look at the URL to the picture (you just have to browse the source code of the page to ‘JPG’). Because the picture is indeed on the same website, which is also used by fantasy19 to the image shelf. If that is no coincidence. Even the article description of Post-Woman coincides with the auction texts of Fantasy19. Granted: There is no prohibited and therefore not unaffected that one and the same person has several ebay accounts. Or that a couple puts two eBay accounts and deposited the respective images on one and the same website. Nevertheless strangely.

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