A folk front of national resistance

Right strategy discussions after the electoral fences in Brandenburg and Saxony

In the middle of August, Chancellor Schroder picked up a historical comparisons to one of his daring and threw CDU and PDS, when resisting Hartz IV one "New People’s Front" to build. The thus-scheduled reacted emport. "Completely inappropriate" Found the CDU chairman Angela Merkel of the Chancellor’s allusion to the 1935 in 1935 by the Communist International Action Bond of Communists, Socialists and Linksburg Parties. Thuringingen’s Minister Prosident Dieter Althaus saw himself to point out that it is spent "Sweet-wide differences" between CDU and PDS Give, and Lothar Bisky also thought that Schroder "The ground of objectivity" had left.

Good for a month later, there are voluntary interested parties for the old combat concept, which is well received in the self-proclaimed political center or in Ostalgian-democratic socialism. Still on the day of the Saxon state election, the party’s presidency of the NPD published an explanation with the title on the Internet "Volksfront instead of group regions".

She tries to explore why right-wing parties in Germany until now has not been a permanent success and finds responsibility at the "targeted "Influence of the system to the decision-makers of national groups", the "Inadmissibility of individual persons" and with all those, "Breaking out an ideology debate from the fence from honest attitude with a deliberation depreciation of its own conviction and thus block more than the whole."

However, the central problem was from the point of view of today’s NPD lead in the strategic area:

Crucial error in the construction of the national post-war movement was the fact that national parties are oriented too strongly on parliamentarism and neglected the Auberarlamentar opposition.

The explanation is an offensive offer for cooperation at the most populous right and therefore omitted with supposedly confidence-forming self-criticism. The NPD diagnosed in its own ranks to this day a number of deficits, "Since many of them do not have the necessary structure with effective clausing power and not always about personalities with the necessary political knowledge, closed worldview and guiding properties." In order to strongly strong the national opposition, party-tactical considerations should first come in the background:

It does not first depend on the Germans who still want to be integrated into a party, but first of all of the fight to win our people. (…In addition, the need to look at the procedure, the political views and the organizations of all parties and action forms in the national opposition first to consider fundamentally as enrichment in the fight for our people.

The NPD does not intend to express cooperation with other right-wing extremist groups and parties on brown leisure activities like the "March of national unity" On the 1. May, the Rudolf-Heb march in Wunsiedel or the demonstration "Berlin stays German" restricts that on the 25. September in the capital is planned. In addition, agreements with other parties should ensure that election potentials are tied up so that at least one grouping takes the 5% hurt.

How profitably such a concept can be, first the municipal election in Saxony in June 2004 proved. Three months ago that could "National Bundnis Dresden", An association of NPD and DVU activists, republics and other right-handed contemporaries, after all three "Volkstreuge German" send into the city council of the Sachsian state capital.

The success model has been refined, and so the result of the past electoral situation is also due to the circumstance that — according to one "Joint explanation" The chairman Udo Voigt and Gerhard Frey of 23. June 2004 — the NPD on a candidacy in Brandenburg and the DVU renounced a candidacy in Saxony. In Saarland, the right had become a similar approach and the NPD at the state election on 5. September so after all 4% brought. At the moment, however, further exploitation language is in the right-wing extremist camp, in order to compete in the 2006 general election with a joint list.

Through the youngest voting donations in Brandenburg and Saxony, the project of a right people will undoubtedly get further lift. The gains are paying out via election campaign in Barer Munze and allowed the party banks at least with around 60.000 Euro (DVU) or. with about 190.000 Euro (NPD) Fillen. In addition, it has succeeded in both the NPD and DVU to bind young Wahler to himself. Your clientele will no longer be composed of Altnazis and Eternal-yesterday. Instead, the NPD posted 18% in the free state at the under 30-year-old, during Brandenburg, 15% of the first branches for DVU decided. In addition, the NPD could build regional strongholds or. consolidate against local election. In the constituency "Sachsian Switzerland 2", Where just 5.6% for the SPD, the rights were 15.1%, in Reinhardtsdorf — Schaa, even at the municipal election in June of the brown trendsetters, were 23.1%, in Annaberg 14%.

"National commission zones"

The NPD comes from your ideal of "Nationally liberated zones", the 1991 for the first time in a strategy paper of the "National Democratic University Confederation" showed a stucco again. In it threw it:

We consider the liberated zones from militant perspective, ie from the point of view of the political activist. It is by no means about calling in-house government forms or similar nonsense. No, freed zones means two things. Once it is the establishment of a counterpart. We have to create freedoms in which we extracted the power in which we are sanctioning, D.H. We punish deviater and enemies, we support fighting gamblings and hugs, we help underprinted, marginalized and persecuted Mongrobes. The system, the state and his buttels become secondary in the concrete life design of the political activists of the city. Decisive will be the behavior of those who fight for the matter of the people, unimportant will be the maid of the system dwarf. We are inside, the state remains drabs.

During the Brandenburg strangers protection declared three years ago, the concept of nationally liberated zones is one "Paperback Wunschbild", that from "Right-wing extremist propagandists" and "good-minded publicists" practically equally "Term" Used, colleagues seem to have noticed at least starting points for whose realization:

Sachsische Switzerland has been a focus region in Saxony for years, as far as right-wing extremist activities. The right-wing extremist scene is taut organized and structured here.

And could definitely take a targeted and officially influence on the reporting of Sachsian prevalence protection. According to the Artist Group Chief Holger Apfel, the NPD in the new state parliament wants to apply for a seat in the constituenced parliamentary control commission,. According to the apple, according to the apple, according to the apple corresponds to principal effects and not the desirable to unatinate possible V people in their own ranks (a system that the problem, what it wants to inform himself, is absurd). Finally, the party was according to the prohibition application, which failed in front of the Federal Cancer Court "Minus souls enchanted" has been.

Against this background, the claim that the electoral success of NPD and DVU was the burden of a prerequisite protest sentence, as it is as immactical as a passionate. It is all the more worry that it was still prepared during the ongoing principal calculation of leading representatives of all parties represented in the Bundestag, which apparently is obviously nothing further than a substantial political examination.

Self-existently, they could convict argumentatively that from the term Germany, no grammatical-correct sentence and certainly no party program can tackle, as the new popular front in unscrupulous approach to the historic archemic is currently trying. But the confrontation with the upgrading right parties means for CDU, SPD, FDP and Grune just the free ordinance of our own mistakes, experiments and eclatant competence problems.

Such an ingress and the explanatory will for the prospective cooperation was certainly better in the elections and electors became better than the ever of the same word horses and the painless ignoring the simple fact that they return the parent chants from once tens of thousands the jerking.


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