Quartaine in workers’ quarters and plexiglas walls in altenheimen

Quartaine in workers' quarters and Plexiglas walls in Altenheimen

"New normalized": Certain groups of people are subject to special freedoms. Whether such measures were also possible in rich and medium-sized countries? comment

Many years have unions and solidarity groups like the initiative "Employment" pointed to the special exploits of the main migrant work in the meat factory Tonnies. Now the entire republic is busy because of many employees of the Corona virus has been detected. the Initiative Working Guided to the few who recognized this capitalist exploitation force as a real problem.

The campaign action is not surprised on the Corona trap around the Tonnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbruck. On the contrary, we wonder about how it has succeeded in the large European pork sweaty, as long as possible without a registered corona trap. We ask ourselves why the state-of-state resistances do not go against the underlying offenses: illegal employees and rental calls. Armin Laschet obviously does not dare to bug the Schalke 04 Boss and Pig Baron Clemens Tonnies.

From an explanation of the action employment

It is important that the text also named the racist cleavage lines of policies in which the NRW-Minister Prosident addressed the national origin of many of the Tonnie’s staff and not the conditions in which they live and work in Germany. Many media, who have discovered racism in Ubersee after the death of George Floyd in the US, defended lashing with the argument of all right-hand taboo crushers: "That must be allowed".

Sure, such racist allusions must be allowed if you want to choose to chair the Union. In addition, one also knows in the media that such cleavage lines are necessary if you do not want to talk about capitalist exploitation.

Paternalism instead of solidarity

Even the workers are rather benevolent journalists not save with paternalism such as Silke Hellwig explaining in a Germany radio comment:

It is not the first battle operation in which the virus could spread very quickly. In Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony there was similar trap. Often, people from Eastern Europe work in these companies. For this work, there are no inland, not these conditions: employees are usually equipped with tools in subcontractors that offer little security. Many of them live in cramped conditions in collective courses because they can not afford other and finance their families in the home. This is not the clientele who demonstrates for their rights before the workshop or even strike. The work in Germany is precious for these people despite all the adversities.

Silke Hellwig, Germany

Indirectly, the migrant worker is subordinated, they were not to fight their rights, as if there had been the years of battle of Romanian construction workers on the Mall of Berlin were cheated by part of their wage and lost before the Federal Labor Court in Erfurt in October last year. When the construction workers started supporting the basic union, there were their struggle for the rewarded wage, there were much interest in the case in Romania in other industries.

The workers noted that they can fight for their rights in Germany and that they receive support. When the confrontation overwhelmed over the years, the suspension grew. Finally, you have to contribute to the step of the legal road. When the Federal Labor Court deployed the action of the employees in October 2019, the suspension was roughly roughly the plague.

The migrant workers were thus clearly conveyed so much, the existing laws, which in the last instance do the capital interests and ignore the rights of the workers. Nevertheless, there were only a few weeks ago migrant harvest workers, which in turn carried out with support of the FAU a work fight for the rewarded reward.

So it can not be a speech that migrant workforce from Eastern Europe can not use for their rights. But it must be stated that the laws in Germany and the EU make this struggle more difficult.

Quarter "Capt in everyday life"

Exploring residential and work restrictions, which are answered with racist cleavage, is not just at Tonnies. In the Berlin district of Neukolln, the inhabitants of a block of flats were not allowed to leave the house after infections were detected with the virus in some residents. However, as well as Tonnies, it was not about disease symptoms. Again, there were racist discrimination from the behavior, so the allegation of initiatives like Amaro Foro.

"I do not think you had dared to put a whole house with ‘German’ under quartain", said Milan Pavlovic from the Rroma Information Center (Rroma Info Center.de) the taz. Similarly, Georgi Ivanov asks Amaro Foro, a self-help association of Roma and non-Roma: "Why not only does the positively tested households under Quarantine? Why talks City Council Falko Liecke publicly from Roma and Romanian nationality, what has to do with the disease?"


Also in Gottingen, residential buildings were placed by low-income people, some with migrant background, under quartaine and then marked in the media. The question arises as to whether such measures were also possible in the quarters of the rich and middle class. Who tests if people have infected themselves to the virus?

It’s not about concrete disease symptoms, but only about the contagion. It seems to a license plate of the varied "new normalized" to believe that hundreds of people are deprived of part of their fundamental rights and asked them under Quarterain, just because people have been positively tested in the neighborhood to the coronavirus, even if there is no disease trap. People who refuse the quartaine, can be prevented or even imprisoned with forced funds on leaving their homes.

If then cynically said, people can enter the courtyard of the Hauser, the people concerned must be even more like in the custody. Because also there is the daily courtyard to the program. Therefore, it makes sense in addition to the important fight against racist divisions and capitalist exploitation, the Corona macers continue to question critically critical.

Right now, where a coarse part of people can participate again in demonstrations and some parties give the impression that Corona had never been, falls that certain groups of people undergoes special freedom accounts.

Seniors complain about massive freedoms

The freedoms also relate to seniors in old and care homes. So there are reports that residents rather refrain from visits to friends and relatives to take place behind a cutting slice. A couple in Schmalkalden in Thuringen has taken care of with an open letter in which they stressed that they also retain all rights, for attention.

On the special restrictions, the dementia patients learned by these corona mails, in the weekly newspaper Friday the political scientist Michael Spieker made aware of his mother’s attention.

To say it in advance: The author of these lines has a personal interest. He is about his own rights, but also about his mother. For months became and rights of Uber 600.000 Dementia-sufferers who live in Germany’s nursing homes. It is finally intervened in the became of all. For the relief, in the course of the disease, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the community with the diseased lover. You can not speak of the day news, but over long past. Until the recover, it always takes a long time, last then that does not work anymore. But you can often be connected in vocals, especially the hands of the beloved people Kussen. Then the lover smiles sometimes, and it’s all good.

Michael Spieker, weekly newspaper Friday

Both the quarantined quarantine acceptance as well as the plexiglas walls in old and care homes show that the struggle for social rights and the fight against the restriction of fundamental rights.

These restrictions also make it clear that the corona emergency in everyday life of people are created zones, creating conditions that acknowledge them in cogs: residential quarters in which the inhabitants for a certain period of the yard means the only output when it is at all there is, as well as the cutting disk in old and care homes.

In recent weeks, the critics of the Corona mails was often kept, it was a temporary maaking and now almost all fundamental rights are well guaranteed. In fact, the more clearly the zones are now seen in the middle of society in which these fundamental rights are not fully in full. The solidarity of solidarity in the beginning of the Corona crisis is now in demand with those whose fundamental rights are further enrolled.

The author has the book together with Clemens Heni and Gerald Gruneklee "Corona and the democracy. A left criticism" published in the Critic Verlag.


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