Somalia sinks in the burger war

Since the invasion of Athiopia 2006, the "Union of Islamic dishes" to a multifaceted farm of different Islamic and Islamistic groups

Somalia is not in the limelight of the world substitute, although there is a bloody burger war. Since December 2006 there was around 12.500 dead and 25.000 wounded, just under a million people are on the run. If the armed conflict does not end soon, the country at the Horn of Africa expects a hunger catastrophe.

On the past Tuesday, 47 people died of fighting in Somalia. 11 in Mogadishu, 36 in Mataban, 410 kilometers from the capital. On Monday, Funf employees of an Italian NGO were kidnapped. On Sunday, pirates capert a Somali ship near the port of El Maan, not far from Mogadishu. Three Germans are in the violence of the pirates that hide in the woods of the Puntland region, near the Gulf of Aden,. The increasingly piracy at the Kuste Somalias even prompted the UN Security Council, on the other hand to companies. Since June this year, foreign warships can also be hunting in Somali territories on pirates.

Rule in Somalia as once in the years after the case of the dictator Mohamed Said Barre 1991. For almost 16 years, the country at the Horn of Africa was a single disaster without any central government. Somalia was in the hand of "Warlords", which controlled different areas and could make what they wanted. A country in which the right of stronger was considered a horror for the civil avocculation, which was cashed on inconspicuous strain barriers "away" by often minor and unpredictable militia soldiers. It was not over yet when the Somali podic transition parameter in October 2004 abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed adopted to Prasident.

Only when the "Union of Islamic Courts" (ICU) in June 2006 took control of the capital of Mogadishu, the Chaos and the Willkur ended the "Warlords". There were no duvet locks anymore, people could leave their homes, without running risk, robbed or killed. In Somalia, lawlessness seemed to develop stable conditions after one and a half decades.

US interests behind invasion

For the USA and is the ICU, which wants to build an Islamic state in Somalia, a club of terrorists. Your chunkfer, radical anti-Western and anti-imperialist agenda fits very well with the exploited war of the US against terror. But there is also economic reasons: The ICU as a possible ruling party never recognized the contract with the US companies CONCON, AMOCO, CHEVRON and Phillips, which provide them with access to the gas deposits with 200 billion cubic meters and the oil reserves. Tolerated under the dictator Mohamed Said Barre and appreciated by the government under Prasident Abdullahi Juf Ahmed.

In December 2006, the invasion began by the troops of Athiopia. The soldiers of the ICU were only sporadically opposed to the military abuse from the neighboring country and preferred the jerse train. Logistic was supported by Athiopia by the US, which had been trained for years of athiopic troops. The invasion called a US official as a "lightning war".

However, after the successful occupation of Somalias, the US militar actively reached a multiple itself. The aim was supposed bases of Al Qaeda members or other Islamist camphor. In the spring of 2007, several attacks found, in which it gave high, collateral damage to civilians. Rockets were shot down by submarines and fighters, but US special commands of the Task Force 88 also operated on the ground in Somalia to carry out secret operations. http: // www.nytimes.COM / 2007/02/23 / World / Africa / 23somalia.HTML

Support of the Somali opposition comes from Eritrea, which is still located after a war with Athiopia (1997-2000) in border disputes with the unloved neighbor. The fight of the ICU against the foreign occupying power in Somalia is a welcome reason to destabilize Athiopia as far as possible. Eritrea provided weapons in gross number of Somalia and offers islamist fuers standing on the US launch list, asylum. Even to the danger of being set from the US to the list of landers who support terrorism. Due to the weapons deliveries, the UN Security Council sets a commission, which is to monitor the declared weapon embargo Somalias.

Without the deduction of the Athiopian troops, no peace is made in Somalia

In view of the ongoing struggle, the rising number of dead, the 900.000 escalators and the escalation of the food crisis, which captures millions of people both in Somalia, Eritrea and Athiopia, decided to opposition and government to peace negotiations. On the 9th. June signed the Foderal Translation Government of Somalias (TFG) and the Alliance for the refresh Somalias (ARS) in Djibouti, which provides for the deduction of the Athiopian troops after 120 days. Provided that until then an adequate peace force of the African Union is stationed in Somalia.

The driver of the ICU, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, had negotiated the agreement. Only he does not represent all interests of the ARS. Since the Invasion of Athiopia 2006, the Alliance developed into a multifaceted farm of different Islamic and Islamist groups. Some representatives of the opposition called Sheik Ahmed even a rendering of the matter Somalias. To the most vehement critics of the Peace Agreement, Sheik Hassan Dahir Awey pays an Islamic clergyman who is accused of the USA to have relations with Al Qaeda.

Another organization rejecting the peace treaty is Al Shabaab (Youth), a radically militant organization. Incoming she was the armed arm of the ICU and cleaned the streets of Somalias of criminal gangs and warlords. Meanwhile, youth has split off and pursues a compromising way. Your boss and the land was Adan Hashi Ayro. In May 2008, he was killed by a US rocket attack. He should have been trained in Afghanistan like many other members of Al-Shabaab. In Somalia, the ‘Youth’ wants to import the Islamic law of Sharia, according to the model of Afghan Taliban.

According to the defeat of the invasion of the Athiopian troops, Al Shabaab formed new, guerrilla actions as the duties in Iraq and Afghanistan conducted and temporarily obtained control over areas in Sud and Central Communals. In June of this year, they should have tried to murder the President Abdullahi Yusuf.

When the USA in February 2008 Al Shabaab set to the list of foreign terrorist groups, the organization was considered triumph. "We fame us honored to be included in the list," said Muktar Robow, one of her fuhrer. "We are good Muslims and the Americans are incredible. We are on the right path."

Possibly in July, a meeting of all Somali opposition groups in Yemen will take place in order to find a common line. Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed by the ICU has received the approval of the Yemeni government. From this meeting will stop, as it goes on in Somalia. One thing is certain: Without the complete deduction of the Athiopian troops there will be no peace.

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