Tranquility and chauvinism: bavaria is at the top

In East Germany, foreigners and the advocacy of a right dictatorship

Right-wing extremist settings, foreign skin and chauvinism are, so studies carried out on behalf of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation since 2002, by no means characteristics of people at the social margin, but a problem of the social center (the right-wing extreme everyday life of the Germans). This also occupies the latest study movement in the center — right-wing extremist settings in Germany 2008, but at least to the outcome that right-wing extremist settings decline nationwide, but there are significant differences between East and West and between the individual federal tags.

The scientists of the University of Leipzig make their thesis attentively that partly up to 40 percent statements agree to which right-wing extreme settings are to be recorded. They speak of one "Closed or. Manifestem right-wing extremists", that is found in all social groups. In addition, the proportion of those Germans who do not talk to right-wing extremist attitudes, "frightening".

The respondents were asked to statements as "the Federal Republic is exceeded by the many foreigners in a dangerous MAB." or "Actually, the German other people are superior from nature." to indicate on a five-digit scale ("voice fully entirely", "voice from", "part / partly", "rewind from", "Lehne completely from")

For the 2008 survey were 2.426 people with German Stateburgerschaft interviewed at the age of 14 to 91 years. The results are partially disturbing. So the statement agreed "What Germany needs now is a single strong party that torments the Volksgemeinschaft overall." amongwhile 15.9% and fully 6.4%. At the statement "We should have a fuhrer who rules Germany for the benefit of all with strong hand." Were it 10.4 or. 2.8% or at "As in nature, the stronger should always prevail in society." 14 or. 1,%. The statement "The Federal Republic is exceeded by the many foreigners in a dangerous MAB." Already 20.9 percent most and 9.11 percent fully entirely.

Tranquility and Chauvinism: Bavaria is at the top

Diagram: Fes study

While in the approval of Chauvinism, hardly any differences between East and West are observed, the East Germans tend to "Before a legislative dictatorship" (18.4% or respectively. 29.3% of East Germans and 11.8% or. 20.4% of West German). Almost the half of the East German agrees to foreign-timely statements, in West Germany this makes a third. Anti-Semitism, on the other hand, is slightly high in West Germany, the West Germans also tend to be stronger to the National Socialism.

A rough role plays education. The approval of right-wing extremist attitudes is only half as part of people with high school graduation. Manner tend to be more like women. Unemployed and pensioners vote average highly right-wing extras. Particularly high is the foreign trade in the unemployed at 40.8% and the pensioners at 26.2%. With increasing age, the BEFORMOW of right-wing extremists increases.

Interesting is the comparison with early surveys. After that, the approval of a dictatorship generally has clearly decreased significantly since 2002. At Chauvinism there are no covert changes, but he has risen in East Germany. Altitude has removed overall, clearly in West Germany, it has risen in East Germany. Anti-Semitic settings have remained approximately the same, but also here is an increase in East Germany and a decrease in West Germany. The bilateral solution of National Socialism has also decreased slightly, but here is stronger in Eastern than in West Germany. Overall, after the study, the number of persons with a manifest right-wing extremist world view of 8.6% percent in 2006 has also decreased to 7.6% in 2006, but also the values for West Germany fell from 9.1 to 7.5%, During East Germany, from 6.6 to 7.9% rose.

So far you could think that in the tendency the potential of people with a right-wing extremist attitude in East Germany is concentrated and rising there. However, the Leipzig scientists have summarized the data from 2002 to 2008 and broke down to the individual national standards. Although it becomes clear here that foreign skin and chauvinism is generally high in East Germany, but there are interesting differences.

Bavaria, however, especially stand out, not only against the other West German federal tags, but also partly against the East German. During nationwide 5.4% tend to a dictatorship, it is 8.4% in Bavaria. Before that, only Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 16% and Saxony-Anhalt are 9.7%. At Chauvinism, Bayern are nationwide with 30.4% lonely top. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Hamburg follow with 27.6 and 24.5%, nationwide it is 18.1%. As far as the foreign antigricity is concerned, Bavaria is at a very beginning at 39.1%, just just overrounded by Saxony-Anhalt with 39.2%. Nationwide, according to the study with 25.4%, a quarter of Germans should be characterized as a foreign to foreigners.

Tranquility and Chauvinism: Bavaria is at the top

Diagram: Fes study

Clearance In addition to the most widely used anti-Semitism in Bavaria, in Bavaria in Bavaria. Nationwide 9% of anti-Semitic exercises are entitled, in Bavaria it is 16.6%, followed by the sadial neighbor Baden-Wurttemberg with 13.3%. Not very at the front, but about the average, Bayern are 6.1% at the Boarviation of National Socialism. Nationwide, it is 4%, located at the top Baden-Wurttemberg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, each with 7.2%, Schleswig-Holstein is still close to Bavaria with 6.2%.

Although the authors of the studies can be careful and saying it is not the goal, "to put individual countries to the pillory", because the representativeness is secured for the Federal Republic, but not for the individual federal standards. For this reason Bremen is not listed. However, the comparisons could still display tendencies.

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