When hackers make summer vacation

Nuggets, conforming waffles and (non-) Occupational Weapons on the Second Chaos Communication Camp

The broken cake in Altlandsberg is bubbling: "There should be Hashish waffles again", Grinst Silke, which has made it comfortable in the midday heat in a deck chair under umbrella. Yes, exactly, again these delicacies, which already Joined in 1999 at the first Chaos Communication Camp (hackermeeting?) Some hackers live over the horse meadow loving galloping. The young man beside her does not make the kick, but for the time being, when the super-summer air is around him anyway: "Tribble" Just build a smoker who refreshes him enough for the time being.

When hackers make summer vacation

All photos: Stefan Krempl

Relaxed is going on the hacker tent camp in the marked sand at Berlin, to which the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) still far over 1 to Sunday.500 international guests expect (see also: where data sizzles and hackers released and no confidence in Trusted Computing). The security testers want to go on vacation, but do not miss a broadband Wi-Fi and the spab on the device. Center of the Storage Square is therefore an almost over-dimensioned white hacker tent in Oktoberfest coarse, in which the kids are sitting in rows almost as in the school in front of their computers, Linux play, play baller games or the safety of one or the other server inside and outside check the camp network. Websites of the Bundeswehr, which operates in the nearby Strausberg one of their research centers, were not reached yesterday from the hacking net. Apparently, the Cyber Warriors there had been secured before visiting with IP numbers from the tent city, one pays out at least.

At all, many scoured in the camp, fueled by the relentless from 7 o'clock in the morning on the tents burning sun, which makes sleeping unemployed. That's how it should be "Nugget", An offshoot of the legendar spaceship rocket Heart of Gold, land in the middle of the campground. So far, the hackers are still in flashlight games, sword hitchen and dizzying exciting overhead turning installations. Rumorably, one also tells himself that the rather Lau from the coarse reception mast through the aluminum-decorated "Data clear" Rushing bitstream of boses spoofers, hackers and crackers are hampered.

When hackers make summer vacation

Last time, the Script kiddies simply had one of the gear hacker CDs in their computers, attacked one of the central data bladers in router form — and forget their unattuns smoothly in the heat fever or when bathing in the nearby tumor. The wireless network was almost completely collapsed almost completely collapsed, which had to pay the boses guys who had to pay the administrators at some point in the net, with a long cleaning of real closters. That was not a spab, because after a few days, the dixies dubbed were well pitched that there were only fats (m) eggs and centimeter-length graps within the blue frothes.

But at the stink bombs do not want to think so right on the green meadow. While the hackerids play in the coarse tent, the also plenty of veterans also reawall when locking or in the "Kind Beauty Village" Over the course of time. Your kids have you in "Kidspace" delivered, where the sesame-strain DVD is inserted point at 6 pm.

When hackers make summer vacation

The very clever cordless DECT phones have cordless DECT phones, over which they could printer them after printing the 5566 into the subutteral, camp-own radio program. But even about the laptop, the hacker's radio is naturally fine — self-reliable only up to 22.00 clock, because then is the "Golden Campielen" According to layer in the shaft and relaxation voucher. Only the psychedelic-red illumination of the trampboards should then stimulate the hackers' tin, during the daring sub-smoke swathing.

Suspected Terrorist

The camp seems to preserve the ideal hacker vacation as a venue for the second time as a venue for the ideal hacker vacation and as a meeting place of numerous international cybergred. So in the tent of the cypher point, not only again on John Gilmore, the coariator of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is all too readily over his adventure as "Suspected Terrorist" and the US conversion to a tangible police state: The Kryptofreak had refused on board a machine for a flight with British Airways from San Francisco to London to take a short button with this inscription from the shirt. "That had injured my right to free community", Argant Gilmore. The Capitan of the Jet had then returned shortly before the runway and spent Gilmore with girlfriend on the gateway. Now the weighting cypher point, which also complains against US John Ashcroft's John Ashcroft complains the case in court for the importation of a substitute for national flights in the states.

Overall, the conference program in the lecturers was often in the stark contrast to the conserve, sunny hacker world in the meadow. The journalist Erich Moechel, for example, expected the collection of US resistances in transatlantic air traffic and described the plan behind it as a spy project against European manager. With the new ones "Clearing Houses" It is up-to-date data incurred in flying in US hands "Much easier to operate economic espionage than to find terrorists" (Wrist opponent on Capps monitoring list).

Olaf Brandt from the Troia project gave an irritant overview of the State of the Art Current control technologies of the police. It just waved it from 50.000 volt strong electric shock weapons, Taser guns, in "Anti-terror suitcases" hidden e-bombs, only to certain gene profiles appealing biochemical weapons or in "Trojan vehicles" (Ambulance ambulance, inside weapon bearings for all who are spreading "Non-Lethal Weapons" or prison transporter) Hidden police commands.

As well as the "Hypersonic laucher" Show, with which you target a demonstrator about wide distances or instructions in an air duct "troubles" Konne, it is also very strong about psychological weapons, which should scatter the disinformation. Brandt and two more artists have determined in view of the benefit of the new arsenal at control techniques, which in reports such as the repaid Stoa-Report FURS EU Parliament addressed hazardous opportunities in an exhibition project in an exhibition project. to prepare that in 2004 should go to the test run.

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