Saule, quote and shallow irony

Saule, quote and shallow irony

New State Gallery Stuttgart by James Stirling (1984). Image: Jaimrsilva / CC-BY-4.0

The postmodern in architecture is done! Or does she still have something to offer?

It was obviously overall. At the latest at the end of the 1970s, the classic modernity was considered desavouted, at least as a completely unmodern. They had enough of their cold rationality, their dogmatism, but above all from their ever-like bayshellers. Every school, Tom Wolfe screamed in his essay "From Bauhaus to Our House" look like a "Spare parts warehouse" and every summer house like one "Insecticide refinery".

This turnaround in reception and rating had been confused for a long time. The central keyword Indes first delivered the philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard with his book "The postmodern knowledge" and his dictum of "End of coarse repayments". The representatives of Postmoderne, who were successively speaking in different disciplines, criticize the innovation struts of modernity than just habitual and automated. They threw her, farin on a total principle to dome. And that their populous approaches are one-dimensional and failed. They put the possibility of a variety equal rights side by side of existing perspectives against.

It was enthusiastic about the term investing in the humanities and literary sciences on the architecture. But during he rather there for the incredible-becoming the coarse utopias (Z.B. of socialism) is recurred, he becomes more than the rejection of a doctrinar liability claim and as a pluralistic attitude in terms of methods and concepts in the sense of a "Anything goes" Understood. And what muttoned as a fundamental paradigm shift, today is widely used as part of the history, as a kind of architectural style: one of many tractions of the art and architecture of the 20. Century.

Springing of the settlement Pruitt-Igoe. Picture: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

You meet the phanomena? Is it blob about a shank intermezzo? To have an episode we long ago left behind us? Striking is that the theories of postmodern philosophy have to date to date, while our ratio remains to postmodern architecture between or diffuse. The discourse of the 1980s has set topics and open freedom, which still influence the built environment until today. But the supposed focus of the current on questions of the picture and the decor has made the handling of their achievements hard. Nevertheless, a young generation now discovers contents and strategies of postmoderne again and let them light up in their works.

What is postmodern architecture?

It seems to be offered to reflect the postmoderne in architecture and city building. Of course, you have to clear what is operational under this term. Undisputed Frank Gehry, James Stirling New State Gallery in Stuttgart or the Brockening Best Showroom of Site. And yet the selection criteria remain more vague and associative, even if certain stylistic preferences of time are clearly illustrated: the slope to quote about; the dictation of irony; the game with the kitsch; or the compulsory style, in which antiquity and Las Vegas, the day before yesterday, met.

Saule, quote and shallow irony

Caesars Palace (Las Vegas). Image: Antoine TAUVEAUX / CC-BY-3.0

As an initial event, the well-documented blasting of the 1956 completed social boiling Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis in the 1970s. Like nothing else, she was a fanal: path with architectural purism! Since then, PEU-A-PEU formed a currency, in which formal facets of the building history celebrated a glorial source. Paired with humor, irony and elements of the pop movement, the architectural wave of postmoderne from the USA to Europe sparked; However, she was very flattened here.

Without prejudice to this, the founder of the German Architecture Museum, Heinrich Klotz, demanded the transfer to Kraften, among other things with his basic exhibition "The revision of modernity" in Frankfurt. The building of the Damon himself designed by Oswald Mathias Unsucker is still considered the ideal-typical manifesto of this spirit. Other trusted protagonists were Charles Moore, Aldo Rossi and Robert Venturi. All of them was amed that they are the possibilities of one "expressive" and "talking" Construction is dedicated to the arch from the Russian constructivists on technological utopias to the ocological building.

Postmodern architecture

Saule, quote and shallow irony

Vanna Venturi House by Robert Venturi (1964). Image: SmallBones / Public Domain

In built architecture, there are also traces of which analyze what architects have criticized and revised architects as an answer to Wolf Jobs, Alexander. Twenty years later, under new management of Ingeborg’s flag of the relevance of Heinrich Klotz, the postmoderne-propagated postmoderne was dedicated to indicate the failure of these postmodernism, but their episode character. Rather, the projects selected in 2004 should characterize the new topics pluralism and complexity. But that was and is the chapter not completely completed — even if the term itself is complete today out is. There is not a beautiful bonmot from about approximately: the postmoderne was intended as liberation from the strict modern. She wanted to be human, but also ironic. She started with ideals and then ended with Sugar Doschen of Alessi.

Your mimicry, the superflat lifting and the often banalizing-spotting facade language — that has introduced a dubious reputation after a certain initial superior phrases. In addition, postmodernism is not equal postmodern: In this country you could as a (yet) welfare state Public Sector-Consider the matter with the American Private Sector-Postmoders should not be shorn about a crest. In addition, in Germany, she has sometimes brought out impressive solitary museum buildings, but her real merit, however, good merit in the urban sector to locate, so in the search for typologies to repair and continue the tie of the historically grown city.

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