Us intelligence services have become leaker services

US intelligence services have become leaker services


According to the British government, Donald Trump condemns its own intelligence services

So far, the leaks from the secret services and security authorities in the US have tried to harm the Trump government. Certainly, with the transmission of the photos of the British police from the crime scene of the suicide attack in Manchester, the arch. The police submit the transmission of further information to the US resists, which has long been the custom not only in anti-rulb fighting to have better insights through sharing information (British government is craving for Leaks over US resist).

The leak to the New York Times is three because he makes clear that the hole must be in the US security habits. This has also brought the British government to the palm, which is particularly sensitive in view of the terrorist attack and prior to the upcoming elections, as far as a poodle role in Washington is concerned.

In the case, however, the British government can actually be on the side of the sowing house, which has been plagued by Leaks for months, but is inadequate that the punches in the extensive apparatus that intrigues against the Trump government. Trump had contributed to it, when he first exercised his low creation of intelligence services, explained, he wanted to slip them, and set new heads at their top, but they can not interfere. Most recently came along the FBI Director Comey who did not want to obey to Leaks Trump, investigate investigations.

Donald Trump has also put on the side of the British Prime Minister and the Leaks "from government" sentenced. Of course, he connects the Manchster Leak with the Leaks under which he has suffered for a long time: "These leaks have been held for a long time. My government will go for the bottom of that. The leaks sensitive information is a rough threat to our safety." He had commissioned the Ministry of Justice and other agencies to clarify the full length and to pursue the culprits with all the hardness of the law. The problem is that the authorities must examine themselves and that obviously the Trump government internally does not stop the tuning in the hand.

Grotesque Leaks over alleged leaks

Grotesk were also the Leaks on the Leaks, which is supposedly Donald Trump with the transfer of allegedly secret intelligence information about the plan of the Islamic State to the Russian Aufemister Sergei Lawrow. Gladly the Washington Post is used by the secret services as Leak in the public. This has long been a custom to spread information that is officially not known, but with which one is looking for the politics and the openness to influence. The media like to sell this as an investigative insights, often these are mutual business.

This time, it was the Washington Post, which has controled an offensive anti-trump course since the election campaign, which reported first on the conversation. Trump did not betray information from a foreign intelligence service without permission, which did not even receive the Allies. It should have been the use of notebooks for hiding blowing traps in airplanes. Of course, it has been talking about what the Washington Post himself consulted when they reported in Marz, so long before the conversation, forbidden that Great Britain bent together with the US travelers from certain airport in Islamic countries, notebooks and other electronic To take equipment on board. One wonders what then could be placed opposite Lavrov at gross secrets.

So exactly you do not know what Trump should have said, which is why Russia amused to be amused to give the transcript of the conversation of the government. In Moscow one speaks of a political schizophrenia that prevails in Washington. For the information, it should have acted for Israeli sources, which could now be danger, which could certainly be the result of the leak. Trump acted never to have used the word Israel against Lawrow.

Even though the US intelligence services continue to pursue leakers that uncontrollably share information about Wikileaks, so those who specifically show information to certain media to stay unmolested. That could have made that the leakeritis, which used in the ruling anti-trump and anti-Russia mood already during the election campaign, perhaps to oppose the Wikileaks something, is all overhand. Information from running anti-terror investigations of an Allied state with special narrow connections to Washington and the US intelligence services (Five Eyes) to pass on the press, the anti-Putin campaign and the media associated with this associated media was now allowed to.

The New York Times has justified her report with the disabled information and photos. One reports on terrorism and the related law enforcement from all angles. You have "strict rules", but not to be communicated, otherwise the published photos were not disrespectful against the victims of the terrorist attack. They were in accordance with general reporting on weapons used for terrible crimes.

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