Bastian pasteewka — sentimelessly in koln-marienburg

My Passion for Pasteewka find my friends and family members worse than cigar smoking

That the small, often the smallest advantage, for example by overcoming three seconds to win ahead before the next traffic light comes, a high social good, can be observed at every corner. He is materially hardly measurable, but has a cultic meaning obviously there, where he is searched for his own sake, namely in bourgeoic seizures. There in Marienburg namely plays with Bastian Pasteewka the only German series hero in the previously 55 episodes probably the most difficult role not only in his master station SAT1: herself.

Bastian Pasteewka - sentimelessly in Koln-Marienburg

Photo: sat.1 / Gunther Philipp

Incredible? so what!

While the department manager Stromberg is played by Christoph Maria Autumn so believed believed in a guest appearance at Pasteewka on the set against the salutation as a Stromberg, Pasteewka is rarely under the suspicion of authenticity. Even and just the supporting roles at Stromberg, about Ulf, Ernie, Mr Becker and Tanja, convincing through carefully arranged, almost documentary believeness. Everyone says they have already seen them in the neighboring Buro. In contrast, all Side Rollers of Pasteewka, in particular his alleged danger of life Anne, combines his cartressed by Dieter Hollinderbaumer, his brother and his family a construity remaining in 55 episodes. For example, you can not imagine that Bastian and Anne Kissen. But only because you can not imagine that, it does not have to be unrealistic yet.

What if this Kolner Milieu is incorporated by this, so the incredibility we perceived uncertainty is the reality of Koln-Marienburg and the main rotary book author, namely Pasteewka itself,? Then every PasteWKA episode is an ethnological study. It’s not like by Stromberg around the Hamemassage mentally soothing not only for wage slaves, but for further education, because whoever knows us there, in Koln-Marienburg?

Pasteewka is a kind of Colonia-Bastian and we would like to bet that Willy Millowitsch, Ilja Richter and Dieter Hallervorden had also played at Pasteewka, which a very coarse compliment for the studied Germanist and sociologists (Ruhr university of the speaker and rhetoric Mekkas Bochum) Pasteewka is. And they had not seen the incredibility as a shortcoming, but as strong. Et Kutt Wiet Kutt.

Legal benefit as the center of everyday locomotion

In the center of Bastian’s everyday action is a process that can be interpreted as a lawless benefit or as an advantage of asymmetrical information. Thus, Bastian manipulates the Council of County for the Council of His brother with a magnet, his Intimfeind Kessler gives themselves as a flashed transport inlet to spare Bastian’s fuser’s license. A handler disputes Bastian with the alleged exclusivity of a merchandising article. The Pastewka Brothers conceal after a residential tour of a water damage caused by them. To buy a kicker at Ebay, Gerat Bastian in the fortress of an old SS man. Equally Roger Willemsen, he tries to turn off folded Kolner local park units that seemed to the apparent, green cyclists — to use them with his Range-Rover then.

The voucher of the producer of cheap shows for a weekend in the 5-star hotel (or what Bastian producers hold Dafur, because it is more of a conference hotel with a maximum ****) is not only pasteewka, but also equal to Kalkof, Maddin and Hugo Egon Balder. The Balder consequences fall out of Pasteewka’s standard, because unlike other TV guest celebrities like Dr. Dieter Wedel, Michael Kessler, Oliver Kalkofe, Til Schweiger, Frank Elstner and Anke Engelke Brillt Balder as TV Bad Guy, from which one was actually a visit to the private television, Schein-Autobiographic Sitcom. But he was too genuine, too rombergish, too authentic, if he does in the presence of Bastian his boxing pads in one of the best of 55 pasteewka episodes .

Ten years wait for the first criticism

Reviews about Pasteewka? Erroneous. Usually twine zipper, which prove to be a mixture of content and press releases. It took almost ten years until Pasteewka could read the following sentence of Hans Hoff’s following his last role in the Suddeutsche Zeitung: "The first time the film is incredible, and even the second time he loses nothing of his effect. After that, the personal judgment is determined: this is the best movie of the year." What was meant Pastewka’s appearance in the movie "Mother Mub Way". 591 Facebook Recommendations of the SZ-Hymn Customers of the yearning of the bourgeois audience, more from the world of SAT 1 and PRO7, from Brainpool and Koln-Marienburg.

Hardly has hardly found its way to the Feuilletons from Pasteewka episodes. Only once, to start Pasteewka 2005 Stefan Niggeier in the FAZ Pasteewka relapsed the genre "Comedy" to be able to determine that in the series one "Sense, language and pointlessness," Rules that characterize such situations in true life.

Was pasteewka just called in the wrong genre? In his numerous performances in other shows, for example with Harald Schmidt, Bastian Pasteewka always tries to appear as a quick-talking comedian, which he is not depending on view, unfortunately or for the Gluck in Pasteewka. Christoph Maria Autumn, on the other hand, whose role is the most successful comedy role in Germany, is always as advocates of the serious subject. The clown, that did not just knew autumn, but also knew chaplin and rivel, must not laugh. Peer Schrader, who has just set his TV blog at the FAZ, published at the 27. September 2012 a mude laudatio on the 50. Follow by Pasteewka. The ten comments are expression of lack of resonance, more positive and more negative.

Pasteewka lets critics and audience unused. Schrader writes it to the standing backwards at SAT 1. But all episodes can also be seen online in the web portal of the producer Brainpool to see where they are very considerable 270.Receive 000 clicks.

Pasteewka secretly see on the internet

Thus, as Pastewkas Pasteewka has difficulties to find my life-sensitive sympathizers for his cineaastic archaeologies, the Pasteewka fan can also curl on Friday night at 23 o’clock friends or family in front of the TV. He himself is in anyway through his own burial conditions, to which Pasteewka is painfully recalled, to mude.

Pasteewka on the Web, however, can also be frown in an unobserved moment. If you are secretly caught at Pasteewka-see, raised eyebrows are still the civilian reaction. My seven son has already painted a red card and laid next to the laptop. At least my friends and family members could not understand why I found Police Academy 3 so great. My passion for Pasteewka you will find worse than cigar smoking. It will probably go so many, amongwhile pasteewka fans: the full-mindedness of Pasteewka family life, the missing drama of his relationship with Anne, the foreseeable guest performances of the stars in their respective roles — who is not out of a deeper mental disposition just the absent as The relaxing moment feels, is already an attention at one to three minutes Pasteewa, which captivates us pastewkists to the screen, not absolutely nothing. Because this is our lifeline also on the Alster, at the Schlachtensee and in Funfseenland.

The next episode of the sixth season of "Pasteewa" will be on 16.11.2012 aired at 11pm on Sat 1


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