Libya: saudis support haftar

Libya: Saudis support Haftar

Pink: Khalifa Haftar and bonded. Grun: Fajis Al-Sarradsch and bonded. Gray: Islamic state. Map: Ali Zifan . License: CC BY-SA 4.0

On the pages of the warlord, Madchali Salafists, who are explicit opponents of the Muslim brother

At the end of last week, the Libyan Warlord Chalifa Haftar launched an attack on Tripoli, which is previously dominated by Fajis Al-Sarradsch, which, among other things, on Misurata and AZ-Zintan militia. In the meantime, the struggle, which came up to 50 people who have been living around 50 people, reached the airport of the Libyan capital.

Behind Haftar (more or less open), among other things, the Egyptian and French government, who justified their commitment after the death of three French soldiers in the crash of a militar helicopter 2016 with the fight against Islamists (cf. Is Macron behind Chalifa Haftar’s march on Tripoli?To). This justification also serves Haftar, who "Chart" and "Takfirists" criticized in Tripolis, although even in his rows of Salafists.

Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar and Turkey

These are Madchalites — trail of the Saudi preachers Rabi al-Madchali, who was charged from the Muslimbrudern about 30 years ago by the Muslimbrudern and a more square variant of Salafism, which does not question the Saudi Konigshaus and is required by it accordingly. In this respect, it does not surprise that Saudi Arabia was behind Haftar. In the last month, the Saudi Konig Salman, whose factually rose crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman and the Saudi intelligence chiefs Haftar even in the Saudi capital Riad.

The Saudis are refined with the Olemirat Qatar and the Turkish State President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. These two oriental regional challenges demand the Muslim brother, the influence on the government of Fajis Al-Sarradsch and the militz-taking militias. Whether Haftar succeeds in bringing all Libya under his control, also depends on how many of them switch against appropriate consideration.

Washington and Moscow officially against the offensive

So far, he succeeded pretty well to surprise militias for site change (as it sees, among others, on the map): First, because many militia rather stood on the side of the inspirable winner than losing — and on the other, because they are the flexible one 75-year-old phrases could offer. Therefore, many Soldner from Chad and the Sudan on the part of the General, who spoke together with Muammar al-Gaddafi together with Muammar Al-Gaddafi the Libyan Konig Idris. After he failed in the 1980s when attempting the conquest of the northern Chad for Libya (cf. The juxtapy of weapons), he scalded himself with his former fighting companion and went up to his fall to American exile.

There, in Washington, Michael Pompeo Michael Pompeo announced on Monday, the Trump Administration "Against the offensive of General Haftar". Maybe therefore, because in the face of the hostilities between Libyan and her militias (cf. One, two, many Libya?) Not expected that Haftar Northwest Tripolitaine can quickly conquer and permanently stabilize Libya.

Future of negotiations and elections open

Another reason for the skepticism could be that Haftar (who speaks next to Arab and English also speaks Russian) to good relations with Moscow. The Russian Aufemister Sergei Lawrov convicted the offensive of the Warlord anyway and said in a visit to Cairo, Russia prefer not to the local actors in the Libyan Burger War. To the Europe he set up the appeal to bust out their influence that "Offensive action" and "Warships" end and that you are instead again "to the negotiating table".

This negotiating table was in the oasis of Ghadames, the Dunn-populated border with Tunisia and Algeria. There should be between the 12. and the 14. April Carriers take place between actors on different pages. In view of the ongoing offensive on Tripoli, this meeting agreed in the Emirate capital Abu Dhabi was canceled today. Instead, the United Nations Security Council meets. The elections provided for 2019, which should be negotiated in Ghadames, will not take place for the time being.

Not invited to the meeting in Ghadames was the terrorist organization of Islamic State (IS), which continues to control a territory in Libya (unlike Syria and Iraq). From there she reached on Tuesday the village of Fuqaha controlled by Haftar’s troops, but retired after the murder of at least nine people back.


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